WeChat powder method on Witkey website and information release website

don’t you see, now add the powder method on innumerable, but the real test is useful and efficient method for everyone good and how much? Then let Xiaobian take you through the two methods is useful and efficiency good

!Add the powder method

first we look at the Witkey website. We now know Witkey website is very fire, a little bit difficult problem you find yourself Baidu resolve it need to spend a lot of energy, when many dead brain cells generally thought of Witkey website, and the Witkey website can solve the problem of the master is also a lot more companies rely on There are plenty of people who, on Witkey websites then live for students in fact, there is another base is also very large crowd you may not realize that onlookers! Good, they are not issued the task, they also do not have the ability to solve your issue, but see always can! You also say, this kind of quite a few people. Well, now the marketing conditions satisfied: you publish a task, there will be more than the 3 people to pay attention to your task, this is a classic one to many situation, that can be used to help us with the fans.

so how to publish it? Here is an example:


ha ha, in fact, this requirement is not too high, ah, as long as you will not be able to keep the number of WeChat public pig eight quit on the line. But this information highlights in his first and 3, this information requires you to pay attention to his public number, then add on screenshots, whatever your final success must first become his fans. So people who want to earn your money will be your fans.

OK, let’s take a look at second kinds of information release website. We take this type of ganji.com ganji.com for instance! I guess few people do not know, you send your resume to find second-hand goods are often ganji.com, and ganji.com flow is be obvious to people of all: publish a popular information, someone will soon come to call you.

below we look at specific examples to see how others are doing:


this is a recruitment information, they want to recruit people is the number of public operators, and of course they will be logical public number on the company job description, if you want to apply for the personnel in their company, you will be the public not to pay attention to see their own can do in fact, this kind of information? Website also released the sale of the number of public information: I have a female grass root powder 10W WeChat, the public was eager to sell, to purchase as soon as possible, price negotiable! Then the public release. This is also a good way to suck powder, but not many examples to find that this method is relatively small.

well, today just as we talk so much.

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