A website is attacked but promised to launch the official version

January 21, 2008, will be the official launch date of the DedeCMS V5 GBK. But the website and forum where the server, from the beginning of January 20th, suffered a large flow of malicious attacks, resulting in network congestion, resulting in the official website and the forum can not access.

January 21st early in the morning, the page began to be able to visit, only to see the official website of the DedeCMS published attack announcement.

DedeCMS (lwash) is currently the main station system, famous industry website admin5.com is adopted in the system, such as chinahtml.com and other new sysku.com, is used in this system.

, however, despite the attack, DedeCMS official or commitment, January 21, 2008 DedeCMS V5 GBK official version will be released as scheduled.

according to the latest news, the site server is recovering.

following DedeCMS official website announcement:


today at 11 pm, the official website of DedeCMS (www.dedecms.com) and the Forum (bbs.dedecms.com) where the server from traffic to malicious attacks resulting in large network congestion, resulting in the official website and the forum can not access. From the analysis of the phenomenon, this malicious attack should be carefully planned. At present, DedeCMS officials are gathering evidence with IDC. Here, please forgive the webmaster friends, the inconvenience caused by our apologies!

as a well-known free open-source website platform software, tomorrow (January 21, 2008) will be DedeCMS V5 GBK official version of the launch of the day, from all walks of life friend’s attention! Unfortunately, in such a critical moment to attack website server, is the official version of the map to prevent release, dangerous, extremely despicable behavior.

DedeCMS official expressed strong indignation at the malicious attack. DedeCMS since its inception in 2004, has been to open, flexible and simple construction mode by the majority of webmaster friends love, help Chinese owners to develop a more professional, more high quality of the site has played a positive role in promoting.

The attack illegal

DedeCMS official website server behavior belongs to disrupt the market order, the DedeCMS launched a new version of the dream is obstructive, contempt for the relevant national regulations and policies! Therefore, DedeCMS official urged to crack down on violations of the principle of fair competition in the market of illegal behavior. For the evidence that has been mastered, Dede>

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