2009 China wiki industry summit is about to open

July 18, 2009, China’s wiki industry summit will be opened in Hangzhou. The wiki hosting this industry summit by DCCI Internet data center, Zhejiang University School of journalism, internet lab, iResearch Consulting Group, Chinese Museum Digital Museum Society, the Museum of Zhejiang Province Institute of Specialized Committee, the world’s largest Chinese encyclopedia website – Interactive Encyclopedia of contractors, the General Assembly will be the spirit of "sharing, cooperation and dedication" spirit of Wikipedia, focusing on the industry trends, technology and products and other aspects of in-depth discussion.


wiki industry in Chinese after several years of development, has gradually become an important way for users to obtain knowledge, knowledge sharing, Wiki technology and traditional industries, the Internet industry has formed a good fusion, and create more business value and social value. The Internet industry experts said that the summit is not only on the Wikipedia entry for several years Chinese a summary and review, also indicates that the wiki will set off a website, the search engine is China after the third wave of internet.

Reporters from the

wiki Industry Summit organizer Interactive Encyclopedia was informed that the conference will be from across the country more than 400 fans and dozens of Wiki participants, including the influential man, such as the Internet Lab Chairman Mr. Fang Xingdong, iResearch Consulting Group, Mr. Xie Mao Lin Zhejiang University media and Dean of University of International Relations, Mr. Wu Fei. At the same time, from the museum China Institute of Museum digital Specialized Committee, China heritage information center and "pleasedoneself" magazine also came to the scene, new ideas and many enthusiasts, webmasters, Wiki wiki wiki wiki for partners to share the traditional industries.

as a leader in the wiki industry, Interactive Encyclopedia founder and CEO Pan Haidong said that the development of Wikipedia in China is far faster than people’s imagination. More and more traditional industries and the mainstream Internet industry, such as electricity, aquaculture, tourism, e-commerce, and even large portals, have chosen to integrate with Wikipedia, open a new business model. The Wikimedia industry summit will be organized by Chinese Wikipedia users, partners, industry experts and Wikipedia industry practitioners to explore the development of Wikipedia, expand wiki applications. And at the same time to create more value for partners, Wikipedia users, the development of China’s wiki industry to a new height.

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