Tongling city to provide special employment subsidies for employment

outstanding entrepreneurial talent is very rare, in order to attract entrepreneurial talent settled at all levels of government introduced a number of preferential policies. Tongling on the way to subsidize the purchase of entrepreneurial talent, to entrepreneurs to benefit policies to promote regional development.

measures for the implementation of housing subsidies in Tongling city

A, scope and object

the purchase subsidies for small and micro enterprises, in the ordinary higher school full-time undergraduate degree or above graduates, the social assessment made above mid-level professional and technical qualifications of the personnel, and more skilled technicians.

two, the application conditions of

had occurred for sale, gift and other housing transactions or related household division, are not included in the scope of the first set of housing.

three, subsidy standard

for the social assessment of the intermediate and above professional technical qualification of personnel, and more skilled technicians, the municipal finance according to each building area does not exceed the maximum of 90 square meters, 300 yuan per square metre subsidies; less than 90 square meters, according to the actual area calculation.

four, for the process of

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