The United States submarine exposure poses a threat to the life of sailors inferior pipe

U.S. submarine exposure of poor quality pipe, which is a very serious thing, I believe the United States has been investigated. So, this batch of inferior pipe in the end is come from?


China according to the national defense science and technology information network reported that the U.S. Navy tenth Virginia class submarines "Minnesota" has been paid in advance, and now all in the construction of the class nuclear submarine is expected to be delivered in advance ($2 billion 700 million per ship), but "Minnesota" was completed after the sea trial, the maintenance personnel found part of the pipe quality of its propulsion system is not standard, it is difficult to access the system, leading to premature delivery time will be saved all the waste, the entire project facing delays.

it is reported that the investigation team is currently in the United States Department of justice led nuclear submarine is investigating the quality control problems, the U.S. Navy will have to carry out the plan of maintenance expensive.




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