How to reduce the cost of purchase

a store’s profit, although it is associated with many factors, but also with the purchase of a great relationship. The same kind of goods, the same retail price, but the profits are not the same. Many of our retail customers will have a deep feeling. Why? That is the cost of the purchase of different, resulting in the level of profits. Choose the best way to purchase, is the key to reduce the efficiency.

1. purchase channels which

channel decision cost. When I asked what channels of purchase, retail customers Zhang Guangyang told the author. Normally we retail customers purchase channels there are several: one is the direct purchase from manufacturers; second is to purchase from the agents there, agents have to be divided into an agent, two agents and so on; another is to buy from the local wholesale market; the last one is from some individual sales on the large town where the purchase.

2. what are the effects of different purchasing channels on the cost

to say that the impact on the cost can be large, it involves the cost of your purchase, determine your profit. The cost of the purchase from the manufacturer is the lowest, and the cost of the purchase from the individual large buyers where the highest. Manufacturers purchase, basically the ex factory price, sometimes on the ex factory price can also be concessions.

but the opportunity to purchase from the manufacturer is very small, because first of all, the amount of your purchase to be large, followed by a considerable relationship, that is, and the cooperation of the manufacturers for a long time, there are certain emotional factors. Now there are a lot of goods are sold through agents, manufacturers rarely direct sales, agents where the price is also more favorable, but after all, can not be compared to the ex factory price.

3. how to reduce the purchase cost of reasonable purchase

of course, different channels of purchase, the cost is definitely not the same. After the middle link, the greater the cost, the lower the profit. Is not a saying goes, "water over the land wet". So, from the purchase, as our retail customers is best to find the most economical, the most direct way to reduce these links, reduce costs.

is now a lot of people are running east to run a run, I heard which market is good to run which market, such a purchase, the cost is no way down. So, when the purchase is best to establish long-term cooperative relations, so that the supplier will give certain concessions, not two days run three ", not only leave a bad impression to the supplier at the same time, people will not give preferential treatment, increase the cost of the purchase.

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