Chongqing Wang eight string Hot pot how much money is needed to join

general investors in choosing to join the brand, if you want to choose the strength of the business year is one of the factors you consider, because to be able to operate a certain year of the company, is recognized by the market and consumers. Must have its own effective business model. Chongqing eight Wang Hot pot string was founded in 2002, is a professional home garden – Beibei Chuanchuan Xiang Hot pot District of Chongqing City, has a history of twelve years, Chongqing will be built around the eight Wang Hot pot string Chinese Hot pot popular fast food brand, "customer satisfaction" as the highest standards, and strive to achieve the China Hot pot fast-food franchise letter have a brand ". In more than and 10 years, I Hot pot all eight Wang people dedication, innovation and common struggle, and certainly been a favorite of consumers and franchisees.

company was awarded the honorable title of "consumer trust units", become the Chongqing Franchise Association. It is known as "Chinese Hot pot", "national green food consumption brand", "Chinese assured join first brand catering enterprises. It has become a brand new, fast food chain system. Today, Chongqing eight Wang Hot pot string, has become a shining star in the fast food industry in Chongqing Hot pot.

Wang joined Chongqing eight requirements:

Hot pot string

1. is willing to engage in food and beverage industry and entrepreneurial passion;

2. has the corresponding financial strength of the investment project size;

3. stores should have the appropriate area of the project (the proposed area of about 50-300 square meters);

4. store should be selected in the vicinity of large communities, shopping district or store in the shop, there are plenty of people flow, there are enough advertising and parking spaces;

5. store location is good for the first floor, such as the location of the best two or third floor can also be;

6. has better social resources in the local area;

7. partnership investors in 3 or more must be informed of the proportion of investment and internal relations, 5 or more will not be accepted.

Eight Chongqing

Wang string join cost:

Hot pot

renovation costs: 80 thousand yuan tables and chairs fee: $33 thousand

equipment fee: 30 thousand yuan tableware fee: 20 thousand

is expected to total investment of 150 thousand yuan -22 million

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