Xi’an subway workers hard day

in Xi’an, a lot of people will enjoy the comfortable life of the subway, with the subway, people no longer have to worry about traffic jams, to bring great changes in people’s lives. The opening of the Xi’an metro operation for more than five years, the Xi’an people’s life string ties with us 2000 days. When the last train left the station, means that one day the operation ended.

"people thought that nighttime subway workers may take a rest, but is actually very busy", Xi’an metro vehicle maintenance workshop two monitor Zhou Hui said they should be responsible for the maintenance work completed more than 20 subway train tonight.

at 12 in the evening until 4:30 the next day is the busiest time for vehicle maintenance workers. Each train consists of two maintenance workers to repair, they will be in 30 to 40 minutes to complete the 118 meter long subway train maintenance work. Thousands of car parts to be completed in 15 to 20 minutes, the car to the driver’s cab function test, for maintenance of the passenger service facilities, but also the fault of driving record to download data, and then analysis software.

subway train without a steering wheel, in orbit, to turn change direction, by the switch back and forth, the process of moving the signal is encountered stop or go, according to the instructions given to determine the signal system. If these equipment failure, light will affect the operation of the subway, heavy will cause the subway accident. The maintenance of these signal equipment, by the subway signal to maintain.

1 in the morning, the subway line maintenance workers hand to take the road, every 3 meters on the rail once. Every night, he bent down along the subway line.

subway staff is very hard, every day for people to detect the safety of subway cars. Xi’an subway uphold the operation of the end, endless service, the belief and attitude to ensure the safe operation of the network, has become the most important subway construction and operation management. The future of Xi’an subway will not only bear the city’s main public transport passenger flow, but also will carry forward the continuous progress of urban civilization, the quality of Xi’an to make new contributions to the building.

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