The success of the opening of the beverage shop also needs to have loyal customer groups

whether you shop service is how high the quality of the product is very good, but if there is no way to get recognized by the consumers, not a fixed group of their own, so there are more popular to business difficulties. Therefore, the successful opening of the beverage shop, naturally need to have their own loyal customer groups, so that business will be more popular.

drinks shop belongs to the service industry, for the service industry, the establishment of their own loyal customer base is a long-term and effective way. Most of the drinks shop called the maintenance of customer relationships on the surface, each in the customer laugh, you will not be able to laugh is competitive.

my main consumer groups are college students and high school students. Don’t know if anyone noticed, and the active students tend to be better approached popular at school, that people have, this part is for you, I say not to want to establish a good business relationship between consumers and his friends, but.

I and their friendship is the first all chatter because of my love, love, love lively, a bunch of people to eat drink and sing K play billiards, so often call this bunch of people playing together, of course I pay. Playing with these people have become good friends, and their customers are not a student, but a class.

has such a good friend, you can do a lot of things. For example, the campus agent, is far away from my shop where there is a private high school students, the economic conditions are generally good, but closed management, which has a lot of my regulars, I often go to the delivery, one day when I saw X with incense tea suddenly hit upon an idea, I also to do this instant drinking tea, incense floating X anyway the taste is very general, but the taste is not suitable for local people, too greasy, economic conditions are good students also disdain to drink.

during the winter, it is suitable for instant drinking tea, I learned that every classroom in the school has a drinking machine capable of heating water, buy Copiers, Beijiao printing paper used to print various flavors of tea label, also bought a small sealing plastic bags of various sizes, and then I taste the instant tea good tune with the proportion of the formula, with advanced paper corrugated cup, looks better than more senior floating incense X, actually I also sell more expensive than incense floating X.

then I find a few students when hourly bagging, started making. Make a good tea to my agent, give yourself a few good friends in the school on the profits I, lose a little, because I have to pay hourly wages, but no matter, don’t do business so tangled up in a little interest. Children in fact than the big heart, a little bit of money is not much interest, they earn a happy, I can earn >

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