How to start this small rural electricity supplier in rural development

with the rapid development of the Internet, also let the business successfully into the thousands of households, but also promote the rapid development of economy, it is not only in the city, the rural electricity supplier in the rapid development, many rural people are relying on the electricity supplier changed his life, so what better business projects? Let’s take a look at it.

now major electricity supplier 3-6 line market look at fiercely as a tiger does? Just because the larger market space. 2013, Taobao, the national development of the county area online shopping report shows: in 2012 the county per capita online shopping 54 times, more than a second tier cities per capita online shopping 39 times. Accordingly, the county’s per capita amount of online shopping is also more than a second tier cities. Over the same period, McKinsey data show that: consumers through online shopping consumption per 100 yuan, an average of $39 belong to the new consumption, while in the area below the line of three or four, the new consumption is up to $57.

because walls rural market is the best advertising cards, so the giants have adopted the whitewashing way of publicity, but the effect is not good, because the "village music" "village music" is the largest paint company. And its starting mode and investment is worth learning from grassroots investors.

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