Jiangsu housing prices rose is the biggest Wuxi

follow the small series of reports all the way through the friends are aware of the problem of Jiangsu, the most attention than Nanjing and Suzhou. However, the latest data show that the two city house prices all in the city of Jiangsu’s most powerful or even no brothers". Specifically how the same thing, we look at the details of the report.

China Index Research Institute released the May 2016 hundred city price index showed a slightly unexpected data – Jiangsu into the statistics of the 17 cities, the biggest increase in housing prices is not Nanjing, but Wuxi.

Wuxi house prices rose 4.06% in May, ranking the hundred cities of third. Nanjing house prices rose after Wuxi, ranked fourth in the country. Suzhou prices rose a lot of modest, the province’s ninth. Ning Su two regulation frequently, the market has now become subtle changes.

according to the courtyard of the 100 city new residence the sample survey data, in May the national 100 city (New) residential average price of 11662 yuan / square meters, up 1.70%, or 0.25 percentage points last month to expand; an increase of 10.34%, representing an increase of 1.36 percentage points last month to expand. Restrictions on the purchase of the first tier cities housing prices have changed, such as Shanghai and Beijing house prices rose 1.90% and 1.75%, respectively, respectively, ranking the first and the 22.

second tier hot city prices began to appear differentiation, Xiamen, Hefei prices are still rising in the forefront, Nanjing house prices rose 3.93%, ranking one hundred city of fourth, compared to April, the increase has narrowed.

Nanjing and Suzhou, the two cities in the province’s property market "hot" areas. Suzhou in the first test the land price policy, change can be described as immediate market sentiment, reproduction. May Suzhou has taken the lead in the two real estate prices sharply down, Suzhou house prices rose from 5.49% in April rose to a slight rise of 0.31%.

Wuxi this had lukewarm water in the property market, but the performance of "brave". In the land supply significantly reduced, inventory decreased significantly, easing monetary policy to boost, since March, and the improvement and investment demand from the Su Ning overflow and other places, in the South of Jiangsu price depression gushing. Some of the local brand enterprises launched housing hard to find a room, the night queuing, queuing in the rain scene also appeared. May Wuxi housing prices rose to the head of the province, up to 4.06%.

Nantong, Kunshan house prices rose 2.66%, respectively, 2.38%, the rally is also more obvious. Changzhou, Xuzhou, Suqian, Changshu, Taizhou, Zhenjiang prices rose 0.99%, respectively, 0.55%, 0.43%, 0.37%, 0.11%.

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