The general situation of Zhejiang commercial housing sales will be stable and rational

house in life is a big problem related to the livelihood of the people, especially the business needs of friends, a lot of commercial housing to be sold out in the market! Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Statistics announced in 2016 the Zhejiang real estate market statistics, from the annual trend, Zhejiang real estate development and investment growth gradually picked up, commercial housing sales area and sales continue to maintain rapid growth, but the growth rate of highs, the operation of the market towards rational. However, in the first half of 2017, stable market expectations and housing prices still need to work, especially in Hangzhou, such as market hot spots of concern.

Institute think tank Research Center Director Yan Yuejin said, in the fourth quarter of last year, the National Hot City purchase policies continue to overweight, the market has been significantly curbed overheating. The reporter noted, by the Zhejiang Provincial Academy of Social Sciences recently released 2017 annual "Zhejiang blue book" pointed out that in 2017 the real estate market trend will be facing more difficult situation, real estate development and investment in the purchase cost and demand control situation is unlikely to be sustained and rapid growth, commercial housing sales scale will slow down, enter a long amount of price adjustment cycle. The overall policy environment is expected to be stable and moderate.

real estate sales tend to be stable

data show that in 2016, Zhejiang real estate development investment 746 billion 900 million yuan, an increase of 5%, an increase of 1~11 percentage points higher than the month of recovery. Among them, the commercial housing investment 480 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of 8%; office investment of $48 billion 100 million, down by 6.3%; commercial business space investment of $98 billion 500 million, down by 3.5%.

with Hangzhou, Jiaxing and other cities in the purchase of real estate policy measures have been introduced, the increase in the number of commercial housing sales in Zhejiang fell phenomenon. 2016, the province’s real estate sales area of 86 million 370 thousand square meters, an increase of 44.3%, an increase of 1~11 percentage points lower than the same month of the year fell by 4.4 percentage points. Among them, the sale of commercial housing sales area increased by 41%, office buildings grew by 1 times, commercial business space grew by 37.7%; commercial housing sales of $960 billion 500 million, an increase of 52.5%, an increase of 1~11 percentage points lower than the same month in the year. Among them, the commercial housing sales growth of 50%, an increase of 1.1 times office buildings, commercial business space grew by 46.1%.

in addition, from several key cities such as Hangzhou, into 2017, affected by the New Year holiday and other factors, commercial housing sales continued to decline after the situation.

according to Hangzhou transparent network data, from January 16th to January 22nd within a week, Hangzhou new commercial housing contract 2118 units, compared with last week, a decrease of 23.46%. Affected by the Chinese New Year holiday, all areas of the property market turnover are different degrees of decline recommended

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