Retail households should be diversified to local conditions

adjust measures to local conditions, this is a lot of store operators have to grasp the point of multi operation, which is also a lot of concern by the owner. However, if you want to play a good role in these two, it is necessary to carry out diversified operations on the basis of local conditions. A few days ago, I went to play in Rushan, a taste of a series of local mountains and the perfect integration of sea food. The same seafood feast, the coastal areas seem to be the same, how to make the most important features. Rushan villagers near the mountain and the sea based on local advantages, will make Hanshan delicacy in the sea and the sea of delicious mountain, welcomed by the majority of tourists. This is not only a local adaptation of local conditions, but also conform to the nature of the Chinese way of survival.

Rushan cuisine so local conditions, the same to the supermarket business has brought a good inspiration. The owner of a variety of business, development of sideline, although All flowers bloom together. is a good method for open source. But the development of sideline should also make a feature in the local basis, in order to be successful.

I would like to share with you the success of a diversified business practices in accordance with local conditions, hoping to give the majority of retail customers to inspire.

Mr. Lee opened a supermarket in the majority of elderly people in the District, the supermarket often by twos and threes old man in the chess, Mr. Li to ask them questions in the course of contacts, chess, also become their own players. With more and more people under the chess, supermarket door, counter in front of the often filled with chess, chess players. So, Lee on homeopathy in the supermarket next to a room, made the chess room. With more and more people playing chess and chess, the turnover of Mr. Li supermarket has been greatly improved, especially the sales of cigarettes and drinks are increasing.

this year, Mr. Lee also signed an agreement with a well-known beverage factory, beverage factory agreed to sponsor a small chess game, but also to attract a lot of other small chess lovers come to watch the battle and war. Small chess room to the supermarket to bring popularity, supermarket business is also booming.

a shop in the end what kind of business should be carried out, it is necessary for us to combine the consumer groups and the development of the supermarket. In fact, regardless of where the supermarket opened, have their specific consumer groups, and this particular consumer groups is the focus of our attention. Carefully observe the people and things around, around analysis of consumer groups, identify the timing of development sideline, supermarket sideline into a supermarket features, can effectively boost the industry, so that the supermarket business is getting better and better.

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