A good entrepreneur who has the entrepreneurial capital

Since the choice of the

business, it should be the wind and rain, each in the choice of entrepreneurial venture should know is a very difficult thing. So a lot of good entrepreneurs will be very deep for their own "venture capital", here is not money, to overcome the obstacles in the process of entrepreneurship.

1, a worthy goal

What are the

2, founding team

data show that the founding team of this composition is more likely to succeed: 2-3  joint founder, one of them is a technical professionals. Moreover, such a team work together will have additional benefits.

3, corporate culture

4, product / catering to market

The biggest obstacle to the development of

5, text / catering to market

you company name, used to describe the product characteristics and the company’s words for you, you need to be able to help build up customer emotional connection, and can clearly explain what the company is doing.

6, innovative

7, focus

you want to make sure your focus is the enterprise, customers or products is preferred. You need to focus, or you will be able to promote the resources will become weak and there will be risks.

8, consultant

select related to your field consultants, regularly held a consultant meeting to learn the best advice from their discussion.

9, financing

There are many factors affecting seed

10, luck

the above nine step is a start-up company must be successful because.

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