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venture, without distinction, as long as you stick with it, you can reap success. 10 years ago, Tong Guie, Zhang Tiejun, Lv Yunhua, Fu Chao, Dai Quanjin et al Huangpi Xiangyang Street just a few small greengrocer, 6 years ago, they enter the local government lead burglary created vegetable wholesale market stalls. Reporter yesterday learned from the Huangpi area, now, Tong Guie, Zhang Tiejun and other 12 famous traders have entered the ranks of millionaires, or do the business of selling vegetables.

2003, led by the local industrial and commercial department, the construction of vegetable wholesale market at the site development, leading into the booth, built close business environment. After the opening of new markets, still on the surrounding farmers to open the door, free entry fee, the rapid development of market. In August 18th this year, the second renovation of the market, expanding retail trading area and large truck parking area.

2003 market opened, just 6 years, a number of road greengrocer become a millionaire? Yesterday, the reporter interviewed the negative market

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