Sweet potato business fire winter earned ten thousand

winter in the city streets, there will always be such a group of people, they push their stalls selling baked sweet potatoes, in the cold wind for pedestrians sent a hot and sweet. Although it is a small business, but their income is also very rich. Up to a month to sell ten thousand yuan.

From last autumn

"baked potato really fragrant, the fragrance is my best sign," stone Wangjun said confidently. Ten points, more people come to buy potatoes to eat up. Shi Wangjun’s words are not many, selection, quotation, weighing, bagging, money, sell sweet potato whole process does not exceed half a minute. "I have to pick a roast food market in pounds of sweet potato, sweet potato such a person just enough to eat, and also sell," Shi Wangjun said.

"now potato fast no, the price rose to $3 a pound, with the hot weather, people eat less, is not how to make money," Shi Wangjun said: "last autumn and winter, sweet potato price only 1 dollars, selling 5 yuan a catty baked potato one day, sold more than and 100 pounds, a month can earn more than 10 thousand".

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