Persimmon sales have merit Zhu Peiming led the villagers to get rich

speaking of persimmon, a lot of people are very familiar with, but this is the autumn period of a food, the price is not expensive, the taste is not what is good, is beneficial to human body, also do not know, it is not a popular fruit varieties, but is now relying on the new idea of persimmon sales that led the villagers to walk up to become rich road.

The total

back to the village and we discuss Li Zhu Peiming, use of natural advantages, a farmhouse in a leisure tour, so that visitors will be able to participate in the formation of natural picking in the entertainment consumption. The price will not be lower than the market. Although relying on Mu Shi Lin, Hongyan Village Leisure Tourism get full of sound and colour. They can count thousands of dollars or forget a little, persimmon and citrus have an essential difference. I can eat this, let the Hongyan Village Leisure picking discount.

South Korea reached

the requirements of customers, it is necessary to change the color of dried persimmon, increasing sweetness. Zhu finally gives Wang Xiuzhen old way! Come to the use of the prescription drugs, Zhu Peiming every morning will take all action, a month later, a group of translucent crystal made out of dried persimmon. At the invitation of Zhu Peiming, South Korea

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