Chen Ou’s legendary entrepreneurial story

we should all know, probably shortly before everyone in the above also bought something, the United States has a very handsome CEO name is Chen Ou, we are certainly not unfamiliar, he is a lot of 80 young idol, his entrepreneurial story inspired a lot of people, if you don’t know much about his deeds so, today Xiaobian take you to see.

16 years, Chen Ou alone went to Singapore, Nanyang Technology University to study computer. At that time, Chen Europe and many students like playing games, but the only difference is that "I play the game is because of the rich, there is a bonus, I think this is a channel to earn money."

until another one to Standford the opportunity to study, his attitude is very tough "not to sever the relationship between father and son", and it is difficult to get Standford Offer also let Chen Ou some heart. "To go to school, in the short term, I will be very large economic losses, I count. But if you go to Standford school, will have a broader vision and better platform for more help to do their own company, and can become the youngest Standford MBA Chinese graduates, this is a very ‘life’ thing."

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