Nanjing property market for the cover plate to grab the phenomenon of how to cool down

prices are a topic of concern to all of us, there is concern about the rise in house prices, there is no concern when the house can afford to buy a house. Nanjing property market for the current cover plate, grab, price and other overheating conditions, respectively, given the more stringent requirements. Cover plate can not get the land supply this year, and strive to excess, developers may not disguise the price and other regulations, are not previously appeared in the new formulation. Industry insiders believe that, after the policy combination punches, Nanjing premium, housing prices will be a high probability event.

increase housing supply

increase residential land supply

strengthen the real estate market land leasing, development and construction, marketing and other aspects of the supervision of the development of enterprises to strictly enforce the contract. Responsible unit: City Land Bureau, municipal construction committee, municipal real estate bureau (


interpretation: from commercial housing land supply, real estate construction, sales of these three important links, requiring three departments to urge developers to strictly enforce the provisions of the contract time. This formulation is rare.


of the rapid rise in prices of new commercial housing projects of housing area, consistent with the conditions of sale, price departments actively guide the development of enterprise service, timely reporting record prices over the same period, the housing after the filing of the declared price no adjustment. On the listing conditions, real estate, construction, land, price departments to strengthen supervision. By the urge not timely listed, construction, land department will act into a bad credit record, the housing sales shall not participate in the transfer of land bidding market. Responsible unit: Municipal Real Estate Bureau, Municipal Price Bureau, City Land Bureau, municipal construction committee

interpretation: requires the price sector active service, has never been a new formulation. According to the Nanjing price filing system, the price bureau is a passive acceptance of the developer’s price filing application, if the developer does not take the initiative to declare the price, the price department can not intervene. The price department of Nanjing, the "active service", obviously with the price department to urge developers do not cover the meaning of the disk.

if the supervision of the Department, the sale is still not listed, will be included in the land auction blacklist, can not participate in the auction. This is the first time Nanjing will be covered with a hook to buy the land – if the developers choose to cover plate, will not be able to withstand the risk of taking place, this is called a powerful measure to combat the cover plate.

increase residential land supply

accelerate the commodity residential land listed rhythm, increase the land market size, to ensure the completion of the annual business land transfer plan, strive to exceed the recommended 50 commodity residential land

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