The grain business to understand this three boss art

no matter what industry you want to succeed, leadership is very important. Of course, if you want to be their own boss, it is necessary to understand the nature of the boss should have the necessary skills, which will directly determine the future of your entrepreneurial road twists and turns. How to be a boss, you can make a career path smooth.

as a grain mill cottage Ruogu health boss, has some intelligence tips boss process and processing method, has a talent boss "ride".

boss Art: "EQ" policy, failing to calm

boss’s intelligence often comes from a convincing vision and EQ EQ, and in the end of the process of the overall situation calm. Can clearly express their ideas and principles, make subordinates fully know the identity, sparking a voluntary act. The boss wants others to go with you, will you see farther than others, together with the policy understanding let you not rigidly adhere to the mood and calm control receive unnecessary and overelaborate formalities. The mood of the people, even sleep, drinking, talking, to control all the man, certainly is lack of boss force, cannot be controlled mood, could not control work, to accomplish work impossible, it is our current initiative is EQ EQ.


intelligence boss to others is "Seoul, southeast wind since I stand" – no mean humility and good, did not mean to offend and prove yourself, no self, no other, his actions and thinking is a natural rhythm, serious administrative resolution plans to pay by the group to strengthen comment resolution a serious decision of investigation and review groups combined, expert advice and the validity of the combination of social publicity and hearing according to law combining efforts to make the decision process become the process of unified thinking, gather intelligence. Not by any detailed work, the situation of the decision, not from a serious perfunctory or busy with the hands of the business, (in his eyes have all been normal).

intelligent boss walking as deep heart rhythm, stable; his eyes never came to remove in the leading situation, instead of being led by the situation. The boss is not wisdom language to describe but not like womanishly fussy, from pay to go straight, but somewhere in between to ponder pondering, this demand usually refined to a certain height, so that the policy transfer not only calm yourself firmly, and make the policy leading man very calm, not too much pressure.

intelligence boss in the description of the questions to consider, pay great attention to strengthen the overall situation awareness, enhance the ability of team members to serve the overall situation. The first is to adhere to the "chess" thinking, blindly put a part and whole, superiors and subordinates, and their own arrangements, do most of the overall situation, abide by the subordinates obey, around the middle, the overall service performance since.

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