Men pretend to be caught stealing stolen women are what

the evil thief always let people steal the way is impossible to guard against all sorts of strange things. Recently, a thief who was caught stealing women’s clothing, which is reasonable, but the thief stole what?

the suspect off a woman wearing the clothing of theft, crime in addition to stealing cash, stealing women’s underwear. 2014 so far, off a crime has been more than 20. Yesterday, the reporter was informed that, on suspicion of theft has been a criminal detention by the police in Fangshan.

2 24 July, the Fangshan police received the alarm, Changyang town gourd Facun burglaries occurred. The victim said, in addition to lost 3000 yuan in cash, but also lost some lingerie.

"the facts of the crime suspect who refused to explain, through communication and understanding to his family, often wears off a women’s clothing, and theft of family women’s clothing." Long Haichuan said. Search through the suspects temporary residence, police seized a large number of lingerie and property. In the face of evidence, the 31 year old off an account since 2014, the crime of theft of men’s dress as a fact.



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