What do you do to make money fast in 2016 High psychological counseling

although many people choose to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, however, different entrepreneurial opportunities, the face of the market is different, can bring the profit will naturally be different. So, what to do in 2016 to make money fast? Xiao Bian for you to answer: high psychological counseling, it is worth investing!

in our competition and pressure as a symbol of the society, who can say that he did not even a loss and confusion for a long time, the situation is not serious consequences is to improve China’s annual death toll was Dutch act 25-28 million is huge.

2016 what to do to make money fast? Do psychological counseling business market? Chinese according to the Ministry of health released data, China’s various psychological and mental illness has reached 16 million, accounting for 1.23% of the total population, and among various learning psychological, emotional and behavioral disorders and other health problems have reached 30 million.

2016 what to do to make money fast? Do counseling to make money? This kind of huge demand and counselors corresponding in China is a serious shortage of psychological counseling professionals. In the United States, belongs to the high income in the upper class counselors, counselor income per hour can reach 150 dollars. In Shanghai, about an hour’s charge between 100-1000 yuan.

era is different, the business will be born out of business will not be the same, and to bring the return of entrepreneurs will naturally be different. What do you do to make money fast in 2016? Although the above analysis is not much, but enough to let us see, if you want to venture capital, counseling business is very good.

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