What are the conditions for joining Yulin Chuanchuan Xiang

The most important business of

is to pay attention to a good faith, honesty is a quality businessman most valued, and see if you can play the key factors of shopping mall. At this point Yulin Chuanchuan Xiang put forward the following conditions: join

first, the rational identification of steadfast venture:

1. [Yulin] Chuanchuan Xiang brand identity, with brand awareness, brand image to maintain unity.

2. identity of the headquarters of the corporate culture, business models and management methods, pay the associated costs.

3. accept the headquarters of the unified marketing plan, goods distribution, and the development of the headquarters to keep pace.

4. with full entrepreneurial passion, mature career attitude, with a strong desire for success and development.

two, excellent reputation with ability:

1. reputation, honesty, good business reputation.

2. has set up shop to shop: port, water and electrical shops, reasonable cost, area of 200 square meters (inclusive) above.

3. has a good shop funds.

4. has set up shop for the relevant licenses in the region to join.

three, excellent moral excellence:

1. to fulfill the contract, to accept the headquarters of the shop requirements, operation supervision and management.

2. comply with laws, regulations and business ethics, do not disclose the headquarters of the business information and trade secrets.

3. plans to market the initiative to pay for the headquarters audit, do not harm the interests of the headquarters and brand.

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