The Yellow River flood control project

flat high built dams, gabion material paved revetment, on both sides of the Yellow River stretches…… Since September, the the Yellow River River flood control project in Guide county is to promote everything in good order and well arranged Zi lake. Site construction personnel will be a block of stone edge into the steel wire into the gabion material, neat bedding on the riverbed and steep cut.

Qinghai flood control project is one of the 172 major water conservancy projects in China, which is one of the most important water conservancy projects in the history of our province. From the project to Maduo involving 36 people and 15 Township County, the river for the period of two years, a total investment of 1 billion 134 million yuan. In the total length of 1450 km of the river will be arranged in the flood control project, the river is about 186 km length of about 73 km.

According to the

section of Guide Engineer Zhu Guanghao introduced the basic gabion material protection Jiagebin gabion foot technology of flood control projects, steep cut section of the gabion gabion revetment, protection by flood control walls of reinforced concrete pumping station. The steel wire used in the cage is a low carbon galvanized steel wire, which is safe and environmental protection, and can not only prevent flood, but also grow some plants and insects in the gap for a long time, and form an ecological protection system. So after the completion of the project, the construction personnel will be covered with a layer of soil in gabion material, and sowing the seeds, planting shrubs.

The main purpose of the project is the use of the new

and beware of revetment, the the Yellow River River tributary eroding and serious collapse, flood control standard is not high, along the river pumping station for protection. There will be 75 thousand and 700 people benefit from it, will protect 2 thousand and 120 hectares of arable land, protecting forest 1 thousand and 50 hectares, 2 thousand and 180 hectares of grassland protection, protection of highway 56 kilometers, pumping stations 34 door.

in March this year, the project construction units have been entering the county, 12 counties in the territory of the main project has started construction. And the Republican County in Xinghai County, the main project has been completed. 34 along the Yellow River irrigation station protection and 27.31 km dike road 2017 annual implementation plan. After the completion of the project, the coastal county flood control can be achieved in 30 years, the township, the temple reached a return of 20 years, the village farmland up to a year in the flood control standards for 10 years.

according to the director of the the Yellow River River Flood Control Project Construction Bureau Ma Dongguang introduction, the Yellow River River flood control project rthe battle line is the most difficult place is 30 meters of the cliff, need to work in water. In order to ensure the engineering quality and construction safety, the Construction Bureau has implemented two systems of quality assurance and safety management. And take the "provincial legal person + county project legal person" two tier architecture, by the Provincial Bureau responsible for the construction of the yellow stem tissue, coordination, guidance, supervision and service, and strengthen the management of construction projects; the project counties within the jurisdiction of the implementation of the project for bidding, construction management, quality and safety of the main responsibility.


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