Western citizen participation in the practice of civic morality

The afternoon of November 13th, a field of moral knowledge contest in the west district government fierce, West District People’s Procuratorate, Xinghai Street Party Working Committee, Chengxi District Urban Management Bureau and other 6 teams are competing for the championship. In the end, the victory road street party committee won the final game. I would like to ask, what is the mainstream of the development of China’s moral construction……" With the sound of the answer, "beep" sound, West District People’s Procuratorate, West District Urban Management Bureau and other 6 teams, after the fierce competition in various districts after the stand out, and the official race has just begun. It is understood that since the "Qinghai province moral norms (Trial) reader" (hereinafter referred to as the "reading") officially issued since the west area of immediate action, for all departments and units and community issued a "reading", and held the knowledge contest. Through layers of screening, the final selection of 12 teams to participate in the knowledge contest. Activities carried out in the region set off a universal knowledge, and strive to improve their moral quality, the practice of civic morality. The reporter learned that, in order to promote the further development of citizen moral construction in the region, to cultivate and practice the socialist core values, billboards, posters, electronic screen playback settings prompt card and other forms of civilization by the west area, with the area of shopping malls, scenic spots, trade markets and other public places posted moral PSAs, the citizen morals and socialist core the values show to the people around. At the same time, the use of the area of moral lecture, for residents to carry out a variety of moral speech activities, to guide the masses to the moral principles, moral norms into moral practice, education people adhere to the correct values.  

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