Smoking Jinerbuzhi fined 2000 yuan

In July 7th, Xining Kunlun city hospital for tobacco control lag, had been issued a "book" decision of administrative punishment, the rectification is still ineffective, and was once again found the phenomenon of smoking, law enforcement officers were eventually fined 2000 yuan, has become the city’s first hospital was fined.

  it is understood that the City Planning Commission law enforcement officers had in June 8th in Xining City, Kunlun hospital for tobacco control inspection, inspection process, law enforcement officers found Xining City trash Kunlun hospital corridor in the cigarette butts everywhere, the two floor of the consulting room in the phenomenon of smoking, and smoke was choking, law enforcement officers on the spot to the hospital issued a warning of the "decision of administrative punishment". In July 1st, Kunlun law enforcement officers law enforcement inspection to the hospital again, found a building last smoking consulting room physicians still smoking in the office, the cup on the table to see the cigarette. Another consulting room, physicians desk papercup also put a cigarette. In the face of law enforcement officers on the scene, the doctor admitted that smoking behavior. When law enforcement officers to check the six floor, found that the hospital administrative staff are smoking, but no tobacco control supervisor discouraged.

Xining Hospital of Kunlun city based on the punishment of warning, rectification still ineffective, although the development of tobacco control management system, increase the part-time supervisors, but did not play its due role, the hospital still has the phenomenon of smoking. July 7th, the city Wei Planning Commission officially issued the administrative penalty decision, the Xining Hospital of Kunlun fined 2000 yuan.

In another

, Second People’s Hospital of Xining City, earnestly implement the "Xining Smoking Control Ordinance", the full implementation of smoking in the hospital system, equipped with part-time supervisors to increase tobacco control, hospital internal management, found that smoking phenomenon, by strict penalties, and in the day before the two period smoking workers, given 200 yuan per person the punishment.


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