Lake tournament today in the sea lake new area firing

today, the twelfth round of the lake will be launched from the sea lake new area. For the first time through the provincial capital cities in the three provinces, the difficulty of the game, the prize money, the operation of the market has a major breakthrough…… These factors make this lake race more attention. CCTV for the first time the spot of lake stage race live, shorten the opening ceremony performances focus on physical elements, the opening day of the highway 4 toll stations all vehicles toll free…… These innovations are reflected in the Xining municipal government attaches great importance to the lake race.

in order to further improve the summer capital of Xining and the lake district’s visibility and influence, Xining municipal Party committee, municipal government orchestrated, innovative services, various departments, to promote co-ordination, to contribute to the Xining force for the lake race held successfully.


for the first time the CCTV broadcast live stage race

two unmanned aircraft, a helicopter…… Today, in the lake race Xining criterium, CCTV will realize the scene on the stage of the race live, which is 12 years since the first CCTV broadcast live on the stage race, is the lake race with the world an important attempt.

in the bike movement, for the display of the beautiful scenery of the competition, along the grand occasion of the game, the aircraft plays a very important role.

has been since the plateau climate is complex, the helicopter flight difficult broadcast signal can not be guaranteed, resulting in the CCTV did not dare live stage race around the lake. The reporter learned that a large part of the proceeds of the tour de France from the sale of live signals, while the broadcast signal in the global broadcast and promotion of the event has a vital role in promoting.

In order to promote the

Lake race continue to move forward, this lake race were driving a small plane and a helicopter from Shanghai, Henan to coordinate the two unmanned, the Xining criterium site for a period of 1.5 hours of live. By then, the center square, Nanchuan River, kylin Bay Park, Wangfujing department store, Xining stadium, people’s Park, sunning Plaza, Nanliang Ruins Park, Qinghai radio and Television Bureau of Qinghai Province, Tibetan Medicine Museum, Lake District, Qinghai Province, the International Conference Center, sea lake Sports Center, Qinghai Grand Theatre, Qinghai science and Technology Museum Xining City, Huoshaogou showed new changes and the new image of the landmark, will give all the presents in the National People’s eyes, beautiful Qinghai, Xining will live with the charm of CCTV signal Lake Race Xining criterium, spread to the country every family.

innovation two:

opening ceremony of the performance of thin elements of physical exercise

today 10:30, the opening ceremony of the twelfth round of the lake will be held in the new Lake Lake Sports Center platform, live broadcast by CCTV. Different from the previous round of the opening ceremony of the lake is: the opening ceremony of the 70 minutes from last year’s shortened to 30 minutes, and pay more attention to reflect the sports characteristics of the lake, sports elements.


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