2015 clean food exhibition held from 15 to 18 A B Museum has its own characteristics

2015 China (Qinghai) International Halal food products exhibition The Belt and Road "green food supplies exhibition will be held on May 15th to 18 at the Qinghai International Exhibition center.

A Museum: beautiful Qinghai Theme Pavilion "+ Belt and Road Initiative" exhibition hall

this year, according to the overall requirements of the province, we set up A, B two pavilions." In May 10th, the committee said the Exhibition Department of Qinghai provincial committee secretary Liu Wenwu Chinese the promotion of international trade, "at the Qinghai International Exhibition Center Hall A, set up a beautiful Qinghai Theme Pavilion," The Belt and Road ‘international display area, display area, display area, the provinces (city) in Qinghai province exhibition area, exhibition area, the domestic large enterprises the service center and a total of 640 booths, the international exhibition area set up 220 booths, the exhibition area (city) set up 300 booths."

, "The Belt and Road" Museum, "The Belt and Road along the country’s National Pavilion and some Asian and African countries at present, the International Pavilion, Malaysia Pavilion, Iran Pavilion, Turkey Pavilion, the Afghan National Museum, National Museum of Pakistan, South Korea’s National Museum has been established. Beautiful Qinghai theme museum, by our province Xining, Haidong, Hainan, Huangnan, Guoluo, Haixi and Haibei and other places to set up special exhibition. In addition to Tibet, Hainan, Guangxi, Guangdong, Beijing, Inner Mongolia and other 29 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) participating in the exhibition. Currently, there are 195 companies to sign up for procurement.

this year, clean food exhibition also increased the public service area, providing services for the exhibition.

B Pavilion: Qinghai’s well-known enterprise pavilion + COFCO enterprise

"This year, the

B museum to take market-oriented operation, through a Beijing company to the investment, mainly in Qinghai well-known enterprises, branch of halal food exhibition area and Halal Products Exhibition Area, set up 360 booths. In the middle of the exhibition hall is the image of the 8 well-known enterprises in Qinghai exhibition hall, as well as a joint venture COFCO exhibition hall." Liu Wenwu said. In addition, the B library also has e-commerce interactive area, concierge area, negotiation area, worship area, dining area, etc.."

in addition, the square between the A Museum and B museum is not idle, the middle is the great beauty of Qinghai scenery and food pictures gallery, the two sides are equipped with interactive areas recommended by Qinghai enterprises. Halal food cooking contest will be on the spot in the square, to facilitate public participation.

: 70% exhibition booth to reusable

clean food exhibition began to exhibit, from May 6th to the present, the great beauty of Qinghai Museum, the International Museum and the provinces to build the pavilion booth is wildly beating gongs and drums. The reporter saw yesterday on the hall, even on weekends, the provincial council staff, workers stadium built have not been idle, busy coordinating the views of all parties, with the distribution of exhibition hall;

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