Chengdong District democratic life tianchai fire

In order to improve the party’s mass line educational practice will be the topic of democratic life quality, strict standards and high quality Chengdong District solid job will be the topic of democratic life pre work, laid the foundation for a soul revolution will happen.

refining work program. Timely issued the relevant notice to supporting, "effective and feasible" principle, refinement of the implementation plan, to talk talk, writing material control checks, carry out criticism and self-criticism, briefings and democratic appraisal and other links to make specific arrangements, to ensure the quality and effectiveness of democratic life.

wide advice. Based on previous take on combination, about the combination of "way to solicit opinions on the Party committee members of the team were to their point of contact, face to solicit opinions and suggestions to the Standing Committee of the team of grassroots cadres and the masses, to highlight the problems existing in the" four winds "and" zixuandongzuo "to identify the.

– in-depth talk heart to heart. Around the theme of democratic life, the leadership of the Standing Committee of leading bodies and between team members, team members, team members and departments in charge of the Party committee and the responsible person to open up between the heart, for a good democratic life will create a good atmosphere of unity and harmony.

strict check. The Standing Committee of the leadership team responsible comrades personally presided over the drafting of leadership material control checks, team members write yourself to check their control materials, ensure the material were analyzed deeply and fully, do "".

highlights training guidance. The organization held a special Advisory Council, invited municipal joint leading special counseling, to ensure the material control checks written quasi realism, ensure that the overall program without aliasing, link loss, to lay a good foundation of democratic life will be held.


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