A boss business so why fire

now has a very large number of operators in all walks of life, so if a shop business is very hot, it will inevitably make a lot of people surprised. A dumpling shop is located in Binzhou Yangxin County in the downtown area, is a laid-off worker surnamed Zhang couple, in recent years, come here every day to customers in a continuous line, small shops in the eight table was packed with several waiters sister-in-law busy awfully. Why is the boss’s business so prosperous? Friends say, is because of his "eccentricities" caused by him, and what kind of "eccentricities"?

The original

, the shop owner in the Boiled dumplings you eat Boiled dumplings, as long as it is bad, it is open, you can pick out the final accounts, not received bad Boiled dumplings money, these "perverse" acts to make some people very puzzled, her "stupid, stupid" rotten Boiled dumplings not money, put this in the eyes of speculators, is indeed a "stupid" can. However, I would like to say that, in fact, the boss of the most clever, he made the biggest invisible trade: earned reputation, won the hearts of the people.

above the owner of the dumpling shop practice can not help but think of the author, for some retailers, why some retailers business is not good, why? I think: one is not good, quick. To start a business, the sale of goods of good quality, the weight of the foot, once struck, they uncharacteristically, reduce the weight of lowerquality. The market economy is the credit, no letter of fashion, if the retailers do not know this, so, no business can only be prosperous "Epiphyllum" now.

is also a lack of win-win thinking. In this store in the economic era, customers who buy, who do not buy, customers can goods than three, who bought a good. So, in a market economy environment, retailers can not only try to rip, hole, cheat customers, but must establish a win-win idea, otherwise, can only be ended in collapse or put up the shutters.

third touch customer psychology. Now the shops blossom everywhere, and merchandise categories will be roughly the same, then the retailer can as long as the customer’s consumption psychology and do well, in the business view, It differs from man to man., make new ideas to make money. However, many retailers can not do this, then, the collapse will be reasonable.

marketing implications: if every owner is over, not to let a consumer interest, such business is unlikely to gain recognition. A lot of time in an increasingly competitive market today, in fact, the opportunities in front of you, as long as the retailer savvy high, intelligent, personalized service point, integrity of civilization point, there are many methods, in this no longer list, as long as you practice let consumers feel and understand will bring back and purchasing power, retailers will return!

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