Chaoyang small garden will become the North District of Xining city leisure area

features of tree pool, sinking stage, landscape wall, glass guardrail, ornamental stage, children’s slide, north of the city of Xining City Chaoyang small garden renovation is carried out in an orderly manner, as of now, the public Restroom, landscape room decoration, LED screen and the pavement is tense construction, is expected by the end of November.

it is understood that the Chaoyang small garden is located in Seongbuk Chaoyang Road, South Highway Lanxi expressway, west of the Beichuan river is finishing transformation scenic belt, the East is the north area of dense residential area residents. Chaoyang small garden covers an area of 5354.4 square meters. In order to enhance the Chaoyang small garden green landscape, to create the garden of adult deep meaning, beautiful and natural ecological service function supporting public leisure and fitness space and show the charm of the city north window, July 2013, Chaoyang small garden renovation project started. The purpose of this transformation is designed to provide the public with a quiet rest, watch play, children’s activities, the elderly fitness morning exercises and other space, and the use of their own sense of beauty to enhance the image of the city. Landscape design project according to different plots, landscape extending in different directions, the traditional lanterns of modern fashion design and transformation, the whole Beichuan River scenic belt combined with all kinds of sketch, square, green project, reflect garden art, cultural heritage, leisure livable features such as multi function service for people. (author: Fang Xu Yan Qingqing)

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