Construction of workers’ library to achieve three breakthroughs

Little house, big business." Xining Federation of trade unions in 2014 combined with the party’s mass line of educational practice, the construction of the workers’ house as a "cultural benefits workers," Huimin initiatives, Bookstore Building to achieve three breakthroughs.

A is the realization of the construction scope of the breakthrough, staff house construction extended from the previous to the front-line workers is relatively concentrated, there is still a lack of study conditions of grassroots enterprises and key project construction project site to government agencies, community, and to the needs of workers and business units large tilt, to truly meet the staff house looking forward to the masses, especially the community relying on existing resources, integrate the advantages of resources, to achieve the effect of resource sharing. Two is to achieve a breakthrough in the number of construction, in order to allow more workers to benefit, the City Federation of trade unions this year to increase the intensity of construction, plans to build a new staff room 35. Three is to achieve a breakthrough in funding assistance from the parties to actively raise funds for 350 thousand of the special subsidies.

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