4 days to find a home for the elderly deaf more than and 800 km

"Mom, where have you been, we’ve been looking all over the past two days and we haven’t found you anywhere?." The deaf kids saw old Wang Ying lost her mother, grabbed her hand, and cried together. After 4 days, by way of more than and 800 km, in March 25th, lost the deaf mute old man Wang Ying, in the city management assistance station (hereinafter referred to as rescue station) with the help of staff, and finally returned home safely.

couldn’t communicate, any family information is not old…… Rescue workers found the old man decided to go to the West Xinyuan village along the street looking for information. Meanwhile, the rescue station will be the old man’s photos and simple information sent to the four district three county rescue station, hoping to find effective clues. However, the staff still did not receive any clues about the elderly family.

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