The wind today officially opened Shixia scenic spot

After the one year and ten months construction, spend 21 million 490 thousand yuan of theme park area was built and today Shixia breeze foreign opening. This is one of the scenic spots in order to restore the "Xining ancient eight Shixia breeze" as the theme of landscape construction, climbing 28.5 meters, a total of five layers of high imitation of the Tang Dynasty Pavilion style building stone Qingfeng Pavilion, not only can make people feel the breeze blowing gently, but also the surrounding landscape Ning Lake Wetland Park so as to keep.It is reported that

Shixia breeze scenic area is one of the 2011 municipal government planning and construction of the theme park, located in the small gap at the East district. This small gap, the new building of the Qingfeng Pavilion is in the key position of small Shixia gorge, is the city’s implementation of Xining ecological management projects, afforestation and change the face of the Nanshan sample area, the geographical position is very important, is the city’s East gate.

will show the eight ancient cultural scenic spot

Qingfeng Pavilion is built into a stone hall, the first floor of the main use of vivid and concise introduction of the new text panels Qingfeng two floor Shixia engineering; key by the celebrity calligraphy and painting exhibition breeze Shixia culture connotation; the third floor above the Xining ancient illustrations, eight scenes are introduced, by mining the ancient eight long history culture, highlighting the cultural characteristics, showing the historical origin.  

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