first_imgChef Martin AndersonNow before I start, this question is directed to all genders not just the main cooks in the house.My parents did their fair share of cooking when the other parent was away. Now it might have been meatballs, tinned peas and spuds but it was a good feed and except for the peas it was home-made.God rest my father I didn’t get my cookery skills from him, his generosity and work ethic yes!I recently saw a Facebook advert for a family restaurant and I took a look at their menu. Every item is deep fried , served with high calorie sauces , a half litre of high sugar drink and for just a few cent more sure you could make it bigger and really go to town on your waistline !! The thing about food like this is that it is cheap , it’s easy to eat , no preparation required and you just throw the plates in the bin !While working in Paris I remember my head chef remarking that he thought it was amazing that fast food outlets didn’t have knives or fork. How can you eat real food without a real knife or fork !! Well it’s not real it’s that simple!!On a recent trip to a local supermarket I noticed that the freezer was stacked to the lid with chips and other various frozen foods & potato items , there were at least 6 varieties of chips all requiring cooking in deep fat ! I know there are oven baked varieties available too , but the fryer is always at the ready !Do you have chips with every meal? I know the children like chips and everyday I’m asked do we do chips for the “kids ” …..well we don’t and never will!! We serve real chicken fillets , lasagna , baked potato wedges & salads ! Another item I noticed was frozen stir fry vegetables. I’ve never used them in my life. It’s hard to beat buying real vegetables and taking 10 minutes to slice them , it’ll take you as long getting the bag open and trying to defrost them , never mind trying to get the thick bits cooked before the rest turn to mush !!Processed foods are an easy way out for a lot of folk , ” I don’t have time ” ” they won’t eat this ” ” they only eat sausages ” how do they know what cheap sausages taste like , someone fed them to them ”I’ve hosted cookery demos for parents that wanted to learn about heathy lunch boxes. Why ? I’ll tell you why because your kids are getting obese, you are reaching into the freezer and the processed food shelves and feeding them rubbish and that’s why.An adult can make a conscious decision about what they want to eat or cook but a junior member of the family has no choice , STOP feeding them the easy options and start cooking real food , there is no excuse ! Who’s in charge ?I’m amazed to see ready made mashed potatoes , broccoli & cauliflower in cheese sauce , a wide range of European & Asian meal just sitting with best before dates that makes me wonder how long it’s been made in advance. €4.00 for a tub of soup that wouldn’t feed one person , high calorie & full of additives.Make your own for a change and you will see a world of difference . In my first article I talked about trying out new foods and ingredients. Now is your chance put down your phone or tablet and cook a real meal……after you read this of course.This weeks recipe is for pea risotto , so easy to make & a wonderful dinner or evening supper treat , risotto rice is available in most major supermarkets , please don’t buy frozen rice for it. Let It Go !!Pea and parmesan risotto. Allow 65g of risotto per person as a main course.You will need.Arborio rice.Chicken stock, from cubes or fresh.Chopped shallots2 cloves of chopped garlicFresh or frozen peas.White wine.Fresh Parmesan cheese.Fresh herbs of your choice chopped.Butter for cooking.Method.Cook your peas for 2 minutes and refresh under cold waterIn a heavy bottomed pan heat a little butter and gently cook off the shallots, garlic and rice, without colour.Add the wine and reduce until nearly dry.Add ¼ of the stock and reduce, continue this until all the stock is used or until the rice is just cooked. You must stir the rice at regular intervals to prevent it from sticking. Finally add the peas and herbs.Heat for a minute or until the peas are heated through.Serve and grated fresh parmesan over the risotto.You may add different ingredients to the risotto, but make sure they are cooked before you add them to heat at the end of the cooking process.Suggestions would be, wild mushrooms, smoked bacon, chicken, and chopped ham, asparagus, French beans, seafood or even pieces of tofu!!‘ARE YOU COOKING YOUR FAMILY INTO AN EARLY GRAVE? – CHEF MARTIN ANDERSON was last modified: October 23rd, 2015 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:chef Martin Andersoncookingdonegallast_img

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