The old webmaster A5 virgin post Shanghai dragon combat experience sharing a

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4, planning and customer. For example, in a prominent position marked the enterprise customer service phone (if there are conditions, it is best to use 800 or 400 phone), online customer service system (enterprise QQ, Shanghai’s love bridge), so that users can conveniently and quickly to contact you. For the product marketing website, also can advance planning site some new line of promotional activities, to create a marketing atmosphere, but also to gather popularity.

(3), large > read more

The mid how stable keywords ranking website optimization

1.4, Links and IP sites involved. Links site if K and drop right, will directly affect our website ranking. So, every day to check the Links is essential, we should develop such good habits. In addition, with our website in the same IP address of the website is blocked will also affect our ranking, if appear larger changes we have to.


1.3, purchase link loss and black hat means sequelae. Some Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel in order to rapidly improve the rankings, will take the purchase link approach, or by some black hat means to optimize. Buy link with the site outbound links increased and reduced the quality, if we have no other high weight of the chain, ranking will certainly decline. The black hat optimization itself is a means of cheating, sooner or later will be right down. So, Shanghai dragon must not buy links and black hat cheating. read more

Explain the details of web page optimization


write the headlines: not repeat

has different content, different contents of the subject are not the same, even the same theme website, such as my blog, the overall theme of the site, is the Shanghai dragon, but each page title is different, the title tag is the first factor, page optimization, search when judging engine related pages, the title for high marks.

this is a search engine in the important indicators to judge the related pages, must not be ignored, and title is the best from the closer the better, even if do not close, not too far away, the purpose is to facilitate the search engine can be the first time to find the title tag; read more

Four steps to a web site keywords ranking

pay special attention to, do the breadcrumb navigation. There is no navigation, when the user enters the channel page of the article page back to the home page. I come into contact with a web site that day investment into thick, then could not find the home page.


site in the construction of the chain is able to weight channel page article pages on the home page. Especially I do Nanjing studio 贵族宝贝 this kind of station, the first time a website does not have no weight outside the chain, the need to establish a good on their website links. When your site weight up, it can be imported to the home page weight is more important to improve the rate of web page, included. Increase the weight of the website, you can send the chain to improve keyword rankings. read more

Love Shanghai update no difference and note the keywords anchor text is the key

anchor text link problem

keyword density problem

love Shanghai wide update when many site is down right and be K, which is down right or be part of a K webmaster can not accept the fact, because they think I have taken the establishment means are regular, never cheat any, why my site will be K? Let us look in an article I had seen in A5 in figure

webmaster tools to check the keywords diet pills, we found that the density of the keyword density in the page is five point six percent, meet the keyword density requirements, but we are in the next read more

On improving the user experience of the website optimization five navigation to refine

bottom navigation should put some of their own that column keywords necessary, such as contact us, disclaimer, copyright, do not set up, put the bottom navigation is a waste place, and there is no help for users and website optimization, try to think it is important to their need to repeat that, the content on the bottom navigation, search engine can tell what is the key, but also let the user can quickly return to the corresponding page to browse in the footer.

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will bring the bottom navigation, most have the bottom navigation is the webmaster to increase keyword density and prompts the user through the bottom navigation returns the corresponding column and setting, of course is not to say that the bottom navigation of website optimization, as long as the setting is correct, the effect is still there, so we should how do the optimization settings? read more

The site is simply that the long tail keywords

, a set of long tail keywords


1. in Shanghai as an example

"computer" is the word love Shanghai index every day is probably around 9000, if you are doing computer sale website, the word optimization requires much effort? Can bring you income and can be? Probably not, because the customer search "computer", and no subjective intention.

and other sites can be through a variety of answers, statistical tools to mining, to expand to determine the long tail keywords region, occupation, gender, season and so on, these not introduced. Of course, can also use love Shanghai index. read more

The reason for the decline of articles included

from his website itself structure, chain, chain what no problem, the snapshot is normal, so I just took an article on his website content, from the inside to be copied some statements, found similar content very much in love with Shanghai a search, this shows that the repetition of the content high, belongs to the low quality of the original false or can be said to be copied. Figure:

you can see from the figure, this article does the quality is not high, and then I asked him how to replace the original false original article, he simply disrupt paragraphs and simple words, the pseudo original method from the start, the effect is very poor. Exclude the website structure, outside the chain, after a chain of factors such as, I concluded that the direct reason included his site is the continued reduction of low quality. read more

Website optimization to calm small changes is very normal

loves Shanghai as long as an update, the webmaster mood swings, a few happy tears, some websites have small changes, the webmaster can go on tenterhooks, rush all the Webmaster Help forum. My website how, what work do not in place, why slipped, why the chain off, why the website included and fewer etc.. Chinese 8U small wateryuer with titanium reactor (www.weihaifanyingfu贵族宝贝) web site do stand experience analysis of website of small changes to the webmaster to cheer, as long as your site not illegal operation, small waves do not panic. read more

The search engine algorithm segmentation technology

to understand the search engine segmentation technology can not do not understand the search engine index, because the index database is a prerequisite for word segmentation! Index actually is after the selected page classification information database: when we love Shanghai to search for information, search engine is not present in the sea. Now looking. But the search engine had all kinds of information classification and archiving, each classification information has a separate database, index database and the independent database is what we say, when we go to Shanghai love a word search, index database is automatically out of love for Shanghai belongs to the word, from the the corresponding index database information presented to the user, this is also the reason that the search engine can quickly from a large amount of information in the library information transfer the corresponding search engines know! The principle of index database, so it is not difficult to understand the following should be segmentation technology: read more