Ocean City to Unlock Ocean to Start Memorial Day Weekend Events

first_imgMONDAY, MAY 25Wreath Ceremony: At 9:15 a.m., Ocean City Beach Patrol lifeguards will place a memorial wreath in the waters off the Ninth Street Beach in memory of those who have given their lives in the service of our country.Rededication of WCTU Fountain: At 10 a.m., members of the WCTU, (Women’s Christian Temperance Union) and members of the Ocean City Historical Museum will re-dedicate the W.C.T.U. FOUNTAIN in front of City Hall and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the gift. The Memorial Beach Challenge sends hundreds of competitors through an obstacle course on the beach in Ocean City, NJ. It takes place on Saturday, May 23 at 8 a.m.City officials will turn the key on another summer season at noon Friday, May 22.The annual Unlocking of the Ocean ceremony takes place on the beach adjacent to the Ocean City Music Pier at Moorlyn Terrace.The century-old tradition marks the beginning of the traditional tourist season.The ceremony, in which Mayor Jay Gillian, other city officials and Ocean City Beach Patrol representatives use a large wooden key to open the season, marks the start of a Memorial Day Weekend filled with events.A newer tradition immediately follows. The annual Business Persons Plunge invites anybody to take a fully clothed plunge into the unlocked ocean. John Walton, event organizer, will lead more than 100 enthusiasts across the beach and into the ocean. Mascots, including Fin of the Flanders, Fry Guy from Jilly’s, Martin Z. Mollusk from the Chamber of Commerce, Wonder Bear from Gillian’s Wonderland Pier, Mr. TD from TD Bank and Mr. Taffy from Shriver’s, will join local business owners in taking the plunge.The Cumberland Regional High School Chorus, directed by Ed Sayre, will serenade plungers and spectators before and after the ceremony.Other Memorial Day Weekend events will include the following: Memorial Day Service: Ocean City’s annual Memorial Day Service will be held 11 a.m. on Mon., May 25 at Veterans Memorial Park, 5th and Wesley Ave. In the event of inclement weather, the service will be moved across the street to the Tabernacle Auditorium.center_img SATURDAY, MAY 23Memorial Beach Challenge: Watch or participate in three simultaneous events: a beach obstacle race, a stand-up paddleboard race in a box course through the surf and a kids fun run. The event raises money for the families of fallen Navy SEALS and other charities. It’s visible from the beach and boardwalk near the Ocean City Music Pier starting at 8 a.m. Read more about the event.Patriotic Pops: Pianist-performer Linda Gentille will star in a patriotic program with the Jersey Shore Pops Orchestra at 7 p.m. in the Music Pier Auditorium, Boardwalk and Moorlyn Terrace. Special guests are the Victory Belles. Tickets are $25-$40. Call 1-800-838-3006 or visit www.JerseyShorePops.org.last_img read more

Central Islip Gang Member Gets Life for Murdering Tot

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York An MS-13 street gang member was sentenced Thursday to multiple life terms in federal prison plus 35 years for his role in killing a mother and her 2-year-old son in Central Islip.Adalberto Ariel “Gringo” Guzman had been convicted last year at Central Islip federal court of murder in aid of racketeering, conspiracy to commit murders in aid of racketeering and firearms offenses. Authorities have said he was caught on wiretap joking about the murders and even stole the toddler’s Dora the Explorer ball.“Even for the MS-13, the execution-style murders of a young mother and an innocent child, carried out by Guzman and his fellow gang members, were particularly senseless and cold-blooded crimes,” said Loretta Lynch, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York.Prosecutors said the 22-year-old Central Islip man and three others worked together to fatally shoot 19-year-old Vanessa Argueta of Baldwin and her two-year-old son Diego Torres in Central Islip on Feb. 4, 2010.Guzman shot the toddler twice in the head at point-blank range after he and his co-conspirators lured the boy and his mother to an industrial park under the guise of taking Argueta out to dinner, authorities said.The motive, according to investigators, stemmed from fellow reputed MS-13 member Juan “Cruzito” Garcia, 21, who authorities said Argueta had asked friends in rival gangs to jump after the two had dated and broke up.Garcia, who nearly set a record for being the shortest time spent on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list, had surrendered to authorities Nicaragua earlier this year and is awaiting trial on Long Island for his role in the slayings.Of the other two gang members involved, Heriberto “Boxer” Martinez was convicted and sentenced to life in prison plus 60 years and Rene Mendez “Zorro” Mejia pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentencing.Guzman was arrested at Miami International Airport three months after the murders on a return flight from El Salvador, where Garcia and Mejia also fled. His attorney reportedly said Guzman plans to appeal his conviction.last_img read more

7 steps for credit unions to leverage screen time

first_imgMaking the most of electronic channels can take your credit union to the next level.  We’re sharing this article, “Seven Steps for Smarter Electronic Channels” from the Credit Union National Association because it offers great advice to leverage the time members spend on their screens to drive deeper relationships, offer better online banking options, and increase sales.Members are increasingly dependent on electronic channels to research financial topics and conduct transactions.And savvy credit unions know it’s critical to leverage the time members spend on their screens to drive deeper relationships and increase sales.These seven steps can help you do both.1. Make good use of your home pageAlthough topic-specific search can give visitors a “side door” into your site, the home page is still considered prime real estate. Deliver effective navigation and design that takes advantage of the space offered by today’s larger monitors. continue reading » 6SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Time to Ditch the Drake Equation

first_imgFrank Drake’s equation for the probability of space aliens is chopped-up ignorance mushed into pseudo-scientific sausage.Paul Sutter has a way with words. In a Space.com article entitled “Alien Hunters, Stop Using the Drake Equation,” he says, “The Drake equation is simply a way of chopping up our ignorance, stuffing it into a mathematical meat grinder and making a sausage-guess.” What is the Drake equation, you ask?For the precocious hunter of off-Earth life, the Drake equation is the ever-ready, go-to toolkit for estimating just how (not) lonely humans are in the Milky Way galaxy. The equation was developed by astronomer Frank Drake in 1961 in a slight hurry so that attendees of an upcoming conference would have something to confer about, and it breaks down the daunting question “Are we alone?” into more manageable, bite-size chunks.What Is the Drake Equation?The SETI Institute portrays the Drake Equation with vivid colors and graphics, followed by a definition of its seven factors:Drake Equation (SETI Institute)N = The number of civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy whose electromagnetic emissions are detectable.R* = The rate of formation of stars suitable for the development of intelligent life.fp = The fraction of those stars with planetary systems.ne = The number of planets, per solar system, with an environment suitable for life.fl = The fraction of suitable planets on which life actually appears.fi = The fraction of life bearing planets on which intelligent life emerges.fc = The fraction of civilizations that develop a technology that releases detectable signs of their existence into space.L = The length of time such civilizations release detectable signals into space.“The Drake equation is simply a way of chopping up our ignorance, stuffing it into a mathematical meat grinder and making a sausage-guess.” —Paul Sutter, astrophysicistNo Scientific ValueAn equation needs certainty, Sutter argues. Without some grasp on precision with the factors in the equation, it becomes useless, no better than a wild guess. The equations of physics deal with measurable factors that can be ascertained often to many decimal points of precision. How do you specify the uncertainty in some of Drake’s factors?The equation starts with some straightforward concepts, such as the rate of star formation and the fraction of stars hosting planets. But it quickly moves into tricky terrain, asking for numbers like what fraction of those planets that could host life actually end up evolving intelligent species and what fraction of those planets blast out friendly signals into the cosmos, inviting us Earthlings to a nice little chat.Frank Drake with his famous equation (SETI Institute)Because the right side of the equation is a series of factors multiplied together, any one factor that is unknown with at least some empirical range of error renders the entire calculation of N (number of alien civilizations) worthless. It becomes the weak link that breaks the chain.You may think you’re making good progress on nailing down this prediction, but as long as a single parameter still has unknown uncertainty, you haven’t made any progress.That single unknown can undo the hard work poured into the entirety of the rest of the equation. Until you know all of it, you know none of it.Beyond those issues, there are other reasons the Drake Equation fails as a guide to knowledge:The Drake equation is simply a way of chopping up our ignorance, stuffing it into a mathematical meat grinder and making a sausage-guess. It doesn’t have any predictive power greater than randomly pulling a number out of a hat. What if you didn’t accurately estimate one of your uncertainties? The answer isn’t reliable. What if you missed a parameter, some crucial element in the steps from stars to sentience? The answer isn’t reliable. What if you had too many parameters, introducing an element that turned out not to matter? The answer isn’t reliable.No Philosophical ValueThe Drake Equation fails as a scientific tool for making predictions, Sutter argues. But maybe it offers something for philosophers. Maybe it’s a conversation starter that can direct the attention of scientists and the public toward useful scientific discussions. Maybe it has value for chopping up a big problem (the number of alien civilizations) into smaller chunks. Nope, he says; it fails on that count, too. It actually makes our discussions harmful, by misdirecting our attention to a pseudo-scientific equation offering an assumption of knowledge it cannot provide.There’s a risk we will spend more time unhelpfully discussing the parameters of the model and less time gainfully trying to go out there and actually search for life. Debating over the particular value of, say, the number of life-bearing planets that will give rise to intelligence (a number which must be 100 percent made up) will not give us a clearer picture of the chances of chatting with another intelligent species — instead, we just end up clouding our perspective through an intrinsically warped formulation.Sutter finds more value in actually going out and looking for evidence than in engaging in armchair analyses of our ignorance. Because the Drake Equation creates a false sense of knowledge and precision, it’s an obstacle. “Prediction is what makes an idea useful,” he ends. “And if an idea isn’t useful, why keep it around?”Talk about fake science and pseudo-science! Many of the world’s astronomers who are SETI enthusiasts have used this gimmicky tool, with its false image of mathematical rigor, without critical thinking. For 57 years, this visualization ploy, proudly displayed by Drake’s friend Carl Sagan and still promoted on the SETI Institute website, has buffaloed the public into perceiving SETI as a scientific research project. In effect, the Drake Equation is very useful – as propaganda.Exercise: Search the internet for “Drake Equation” and look at all the images of it. Ponder how many students and adults are being fooled by this visual propaganda tool. (Visited 542 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Jacob Zuma set for presidency

first_imgSouth African finance minister Trevor Manuel (left) greets president-elect Jacob Zuma in parliament on Wednesday. (Image: GCIS) During the election trail, Zuma attracted massive crowds who came to support him. (Image: Friends of Jacob Zuma)Khanyi MagubaneThe newly sworn in members of the South African parliament have voted in African National Congress (ANC) president Jacob Zuma as the country’s next president in the National Assembly, during their first sitting.Zuma received 277 votes, while the leader of the newly formed Congress of the People (Cope)Reverend Mvume Dandala received 47 votes.The official opposition party, the Democratic Alliance, opted not to vote.Pomp and ceremony were the order of the day when parliament opened on 6 May.The singing of the national anthem, followed by a prayer, ushered in the first sitting of the National Assembly.  President-elect Jacob Zuma took an oath of affirmation with the first group; made up of the top 10 ANC Members of Parliament (MPs). South Africa’s current president,  Kgalema Motlanthe’s name did not appear on the list.All the members of parliament sworn in stood in front of Justice Pius Langa and recited an oath, which ended with the well known closing, “so help me God”.The first sitting came 15 days after South Africa held its fourth democratic elections since 1994.The ANC won the elections with 66% of the votes, which has resulted in 264 seats in parliament followed by the official opposition party the Democratic Alliance, which took 16.75% of the votes and has 67 seats in parliament.Cope has 30 seats in parliament after it secured 7.5 % of the votes in the elections.Mapping the way forward The first seating of parliament also saw the comeback of a few familiar faces, while others took their seats for the first time.ANC Women’s League president, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela made her comeback as a member of parliament.Speaking to the media, she expressed her excitement at returning to the National Assembly, “The age of talking is past, we have to deliver and that’s the only reason why I came back here.”Parliament veteran Koos Van der Merwe, from the Inkatha Freedom Party, has been in parliament for over 30 years and says there is a different energy about it this time around. “This is my 32nd year in parliament but there is something new this time, something exciting. It appears as if the new South Africa is coming to grips with things.”The Freedom Front Plus’ Pieter Mulder was also upbeat about the opening of parliament.“We wonder if it will be more of the same or will we get a different parliament. We will only know that when we start debating,” he saidSignificant changes include the appointment of South Africa’s first male Speaker of the House since the country crossed over to democracy in 1994.Max Sisulu, son of struggle veteran Walter Sisulu, was the only candidate put forward by the ANC for the position.He follows in the footsteps of Gwen Mahlangu-Nkabinde, who took over from Baleka Mbete when she was appointed deputy president during the interim government period, which took over from September 2008.Mbete followed 1994’s speaker, Frene Ginwala, who held the position for five years.“She worked tirelessly to lay the foundations for our new democracy and she created and enhanced the systems so that parliament could take its rightful place in our country,” said Sisulu as he paid homage to his predecessor Ginwala.“Her initial work will resonate throughout the House. She has left us with a lasting legacy.”Nomaindia Mfeketo, who became an MP in 2008, was appointed as the deputy speaker of the House.Zola Skweyiya, minister of social development, was expected to return to parliament but resigned due to ill health.In a written letter, Skweyiya, who has been an MP since 1994, thanked the ANC for having faith in him by re-electing him back to parliament but said that he had to focus on his health.“Today, I retired from parliamentary politics due to health reasons. This is a decision I communicated to my movement, the African National Congress (ANC), in the past five years, and I reminded them sometime last year. “I would like to thank the ANC and the people of South Africa for having confidence in me and [having] trusted me to serve in government for 15 years,” said Skweyiya. Another notable difference in the opening of parliament was the increased number of women parliamentarians.The number of women’s representation rose to 45%, a figure which now puts SouthAfrica in third place after Rwanda and Sweden in the number of women in parliament.Dignitaries who graced the occasion today included diplomats, guests of the president’s office and guests of members of parliament.Provincial premiers, who were elected earlier last week, were sworn in during today’s proceedings.Do you have any comments or queries about this article? Email Khanyi Magubane at: [email protected] articlesInauguration media guidelines Millions vote in record SA elections Motlanthe reassures the nation South Africans go to the polls The bell that rings when the vote is called Useful linksParliament of South AfricaThe presidency Jacob Zuma biographylast_img read more

Yahoo Updates Yahoo Mail, Messenger & Search: Still Commited to Improving Search Technology

first_imgWhy Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Related Posts Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Tags:#news#web#Yahoo During a press conference today, Yahoo announced a large number of updates to Yahoo Mail, Search, and Messenger. Yahoo Mail, for example, will now feature status updates from a user’s friends on its homepage. Yahoo Search will also receive a major redesign in the near future. Even though Yahoo will obviously switch to Microsoft Bing soon, Yahoo wants to align the look and feel of its homepage and search application. In the process, Yahoo will now also highlight more of its search services, including Search Monkey, right on its search results pages.Yahoo Mail Adds Status Updates, MyPhotos, EviteYahoo Mail has been improved with the idea of making it focus more on the social connections that are already implicit in users’ email exchanges. The Yahoo Mail homepage will now display status updates from a user’s friends on the service. If a contact uploads new images to Flickr, for example, these updates will appear on the Yahoo Mail homepage (and also in Yahoo Messenger).Yahoo also now allows users to attach up to 25MB of photos to messages and has improved its tools to attach and view these images. To make sharing photos easier, Yahoo has integrated Xoopit’s ‘MyPhotos’ application into Yahoo Mail. Yahoo acquired Xoopit last month. In addition, Yahoo will also integrate Evite into Yahoo Mail, which makes it easier to create invitations based on a user’s address book.  In addition, Yahoo has also updated its mobile, web-based version of Yahoo Mail. The site is now a lot cleaner and allows users to read Word, Excel, and PowerPoint attachments right from within the web application.Some of these updates are quite reminiscent of what Microsoft is doing with its Live products. On Windows Live, for example, users can also aggregate their updates from other services and see what their friends are doing online. While Yahoo is integrating all these services into Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Live splits all these tools up into separate applications. Despite Bing Deal, Yahoo Redesigns SearchInterestingly, Yahoo also decided to preview an updated look and feel of Yahoo Search. The new look will feature a three-column layout, similar to the Yahoo homepage. While most of Yahoo’s own search engine technology will obviously soon disappear in favor of Microsoft Bing, Yahoo wants to align the layout of its search engine with the rest of its services. The new layout brings services like Search Monkey and data filters into a column on the left side. None of these are new services, though they do bring old services that were often underutilized to the foreground.People SearchYahoo will also give its users a better way to search for people. Once these updates go live, whenever somebody uses Yahoo Search to find information about a person, Yahoo will display data from LinkedIn, Twitter, FriendFeed, and Facebook. Nice, But What About Bing?All of these updates are quite nice, though once Yahoo switches over to Bing, it will remain to be seen how many of Yahoo’s search tools will actually survive the transition. During today’s presentation, Larry Cornett, Yahoo’s VP of Search Products and Design, stressed that the company will continue to invest in search technologies. During the Q&A session after today’s presentation, Yahoo also focused on the fact that it will continue to control how search results are displayed, even if those results come from Bing. Yahoo will also continue to be able to add on to Bing’s results, which sounds as if programs like Search Monkey could survive the transition.Yahoo MessengerYahoo also announced updates to Yahoo Messenger. The new beta of Messenger 10 will launch in 25 countries and will feature support for status updates, similar to Yahoo Mail. None of these updates are extremely exciting, though it is important to remember that Yahoo Messenger has a lot of users, both in the US and worldwide. Many of these users will surely appreciate these updates, which, among others, include support for high-quality video calls.center_img frederic lardinois A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Fish farm companies in BC should get First Nations approval report

first_imgVANCOUVER – A provincial advisory council is recommending fish farm companies be required to have agreements in place with area First Nations before the British Columbia government approves any new or replacement tenures.The proposal is part of a series of recommendations issued in a 230-page report from the advisory council.Agriculture Minister Lana Popham said the province will consider the recommendations as it reviews 20 fish-farm tenures that are up for renewal this June in the Broughton Archipelago off northeastern Vancouver Island.Protesters have occupied multiple fish farms in the archipelago over the past year, claiming they are operating in First Nations’ traditional territories without their consent.The council also recommended establishing an independent science council to review “conflicting science” and fill information gaps about the farms.It said the government should consider putting farms in areas where there is lower salinity to reduce sea lice infestations and putting a cap on how many farmed fish are allowed in a certain area.The B.C. Salmon Farmers Association is largely supportive of the recommendations, member Ian Roberts said. But he takes issue with a requirement for First Nations’ consent at each point of tenure renewal.“We can agree in principle to a recommendation that allows for collaboration and consultation with First Nations, but we think — as it’s written — it’s unworkable in practice,” Roberts said.An “extremely tenuous” environment would be created for businesses investing in multimillion-dollar projects if they became vulnerable each time a new band council is elected and could withdraw support, he said.Chief Bob Chamberlin of the First Nations Wild Salmon Alliance said a coalition of seven First Nations in the Broughton Archipelago are already in talks with the province about what consent might look like for fish-farm tenure renewals in relation to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.The report’s recommendations fit into a broader movement toward greater recognition of First Nations sovereignty and also represent an acknowledgment that science hasn’t been adequately considered in past salmon-farming policy, he said.“The mounting science and evidence that has come forward, as well as the absence of science to inform decision making, and the government’s embracing of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples sets a very different table than what we’ve had in the past. And it’s one that’s going to be a full recognition of our rights and title and the authorities we have that are inherent to our people and our self governance,” Chamberlin said.last_img read more

Paraguay withdraws its recognition of the Polisarios socalled RASD

first_imgRabat – According to the Party of Authenticity and Modernity, a Moroccan opposition party, the government of the Republic of Paraguay announced the withdrawal its recognition of the so-called Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (founded by the Polisario Front).According to a statement issued by the party following a visit by its leader to Paraguay, the parliament of this Latin American country made an “important declaration.”Paraguay  decided to “to suspend its relations Polisario, which it considers as an armed separatist movement, and to support international legitimacy,” in finding a political solution to the conflict, the PAM said according to Anadolo agency. This is the third country in less than three months to withdraw its recognition of the Polisario’s RASD after Haiti and Panama which signals the dwindling legitimacy of this separatist movement as a representative of the Saharawis.During his meeting with Mohammed VI at the White House last November, President Obama pledged to continue supporting the efforts made by the United Nations to find a mutually-agreed solution to the conflict, adding that the Moroccan autonomy plan presented to the security Council in 2007 is “serious, realistic, and credible.”“The United States has made clear that Morocco’s autonomy plan is serious, realistic, and credible, and that it represents a potential approach that could satisfy the aspirations of the people in the Western Sahara to run their own affairs in peace and dignity,” said the White House.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributedlast_img read more

Alba on the importance of Copa win over Madrid

first_imgBarcelona’s defender Jordi Alba praised the victory of his side over rivals Real Madrid and further suggested winning the trophy ranks high in their objectives.The Catalans sealed a place in the Copa del Rey final for the sixth consecutive year running after brushing aside Solari’s men 3-0 on their patch.And one man who was ecstatic with that victory was Spanish left-back Jordi Alba as he reiterated the importance of the trophy.“We have given value to the Copa,” he said. “Real Madrid wanted it; many people were focussing before the game to liven it up.“The excuse that it’s an insignificant trophy doesn’t cut it. We have suffered. In general, we’ve been good.”Goals from Luis Suarez and an own goal from Raphael Varane secured an emphatic victory over Los Blancos.“We’ve won by three goals, that’s not easy,” Alba said via Marca. “Ultimately we’ve won by a big margin. It’s a very good result for us, it makes us stronger.Gerard Pique, Neymar, BarcelonaLa Liga Betting: Match-day 4 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Despite it being very early into La Liga season, both Barcelona and Real Madrid have had unprecedented starts to their campaigns. With this in…🎙 [TV3] | Jordi Alba: “It was an equal match but in the second half we had occasions and we were able to score goals.” pic.twitter.com/FZb13EuJo3— BarçaTimes (@BarcaTimes) February 27, 2019“We were the better side against a great rival, which is difficult in their stadium. They’re always a complicated team and we have won in a convincing way.“Barcelona have scored seven goals in two games since having a free midweek last week.”The results are much better,” he said.“We played quite well. In the first half we didn’t really turn up, but after we scored in the 50th minute, we were much better.”last_img read more