Barça 2019-2020, chronology of a fire by chapters

first_img3. November 28, 2019. The Barça players decide not to attend the presentation of the documentary Matchday. There are those who or interpret it as a way to show their disagreement with its broadcast; others as a staging of their distance from the directive. Although the main reason is that they still had not received a fee for allowing their image to be used in their private lives. No player, and neither did Valverde, went through the red carpet at the Liceu.4. January 11, 2020. The Valverde recall show explodes. Barça loses against Atlético in the Spanish Super Cup. Eric Abidal and Òscar Grau go to Qatar and try to convince Xavi, who gives them pumpkins. Koeman also says no from Holland and Bartomeu thinks of Pochettino, who does not dislike Messi. In the end, Barça hires Setién before dismissing Valverde, whose settlement becomes another scene outside the Sofía hotel.5. February 4, 2020. Abidal gives an interview to Sport in which he drops that the players were not happy with Valverde and that they trained little. Messi releases a statement through Instagram in which he crushes the French, asks him to assume his responsibilities and to give names. Bartomeu is forced to return from Brussels to solve the crisis and travel to Bilbao, where the team is eliminated in the Copa del Rey.6. February 17, 2020. SER reveals that Barça hired the services of a company, I3 Ventures, which created Facebook accounts from which the image of former Barça managers, future candidates, former footballers like Xavi and even top-notch players like Piqué and Messi. “It is very rare,” the Argentine said in an interview with Mundo Deportivo.7. March 30, 2020. After pressing through the captains of other sections, Barça reached an agreement with the players of the first squad to lower their salaries by 72% only while the state of alarm lasts. Messi hits the managers hard: “We are surprised that from within the club they tried to put us under the magnifying glass and tried to add pressure to us.”8. April 6, 2020. Bartomeu bills the managers he considers unfair and telematically requests Emili Rousaud and Enrique Tomas to resign. Rousaud storms out accusing him of having knowledge of the I3 Ventures scandal, accusing him of being a presidentialist and running the club without attending to the statutes. And ask for elections. The fire continues. Imaginary knives fly through the locker rooms and Can Barça offices. The last stretch of the presidency of Josep Maria Bartomeu, who in 2021 will finish his mandate except for surprise, is guessed volcanic. The conflict between the noble floor and the players, the interested leaks, the malpractice and, finally, the row in the boardroom, are imaginatively bleeding blood to a club that has gone from trouble to trouble since the season started., when nobody knew if the trips to Paris to sign Neymar were real or cosmetic. Neither Messi, captain and compass of Barça, fully believed it. Since that September 12 in which the Argentine admitted not knowing if Barça had done everything possible to sign his Brazilian friend and until this latest institutional fire that will end Emili Rousaud and Enrique Tombas, two vice presidents, outside of Barça, the club has skipped from conflict to conflict. Barça are moving towards a ‘perfect explosion’ except for an unexpected change of helm. The end of the team cycle, the end of the Bartomeu cycle and the end of an economic bubble due to the new economic context. Broadly speaking, these have been the main fires of the year.1. September 12, 2019. “I would have loved for Neymar to come. I honestly do not know if Barça did everything possible for his return but it is true that negotiating with PSG is not easy.” Messi ended like this with the soap opera Neymar. After trying throughout the month of August to sign him, Bartomeu was unable to close it. For many, it was all a staging, because the Barça club knew that PSG did not want to sell and, furthermore, there was no real will to bring the Brazilian.2. September 29, 2019. Following Messi’s interview and player complaints about the lengthy preseason trips (tour of Japan and mini-tour of the United States), the articles followed, aerating the excessive power of the dressing room. It didn’t take long for Piqué to go out and pinch the managers: “We know the club, we know the newspapers that are related to the club, we know the articles that come out and many times we know who writes them even if someone else signs them. If we continue like this, we will hurt ourselves “last_img read more

Sabor y Arte Attractive setting culinary kinks

first_imgFrom the print editionA party of seven gastronomy connoisseurs who take great pleasure in eating, but also in the surroundings and service that come with it, recently took lunch at Sabor y Arte in Central Escazú. Housed in what looks like a restored home – the cream-colored restaurant is actually brand new, equipped with wood paneling, plenty of windows and a welcoming front porch.Entering the downstairs chamber, we were greeted with an elegant indoor dining room and dark wood furnishings, enhanced by cream and dark green linens. In contrast, the glassed-in patio with light green fabrics overlooked a manicured garden – a cool spot for either lunch or dinner. Upstairs, the lounge and bar serve finger food plus a full menu and offer a combination of comfort and luxury. The bar is decorated in warm shades of brown with bar stools, comfy armchairs, sofas and heavy velvet curtains, plus replicas of French Provincial furniture. The VIP lounge, with its own kitchen, accommodates 25 guests for private events. Throughout the restaurant, an eclectic collection of mostly unidentified art covers the walls. At the rear of the garden, there’s an unfinished art gallery with a collection of David Cedeño’s work.Lunch was a bit of a hit-and-miss affair, and one of our group suggested that Sabor y Arte should be given more time to iron out the teething problems before being reviewed. I disagreed, as I had spoken to the charming Venezuelan owner, Andreina Ramos, and she said the place had been open 11 months. Therefore, I felt the problems indicated a need for improvement in some areas.For example, it took 20 minutes for three beers, three fruit drinks and a glass of house wine to arrive. The Chilean Bouchon Chardonnay was pleasant enough, but gone in a few sips, as it only half-filled an extremely small glass. The waiters poured beer with three quarters foam, and then left the can on the table among elegant place settings. Our young waiters were charming and trying very hard, but they need more training.The menu offered a choice of starters, including fusion dishes as well as Italian, Spanish, French and Pacific Rim, all served with an array of local fruits and veggies.We ordered the melted Brie on a bed of lettuce dressed with grapes, walnuts and fruity vinaigrette, but unfortunately the cheese was rather bland. The Portobello mushrooms stuffed with mozzarella and crowned with caramelized onions were mouth-watering. The prosciutto served with green apple, macadamia praliné and gorgonzola vinaigrette was very good, as was the tuna tataki, but the liver paté was totally tasteless. The salad greens served with the dishes above are all organic. The main courses had their ups and downs. The big complaint was we weren’t told that the Flambé menu was only available in the evening. We saw the station where specialist Flambé Chef Sergio Maritano creates his works of culinary art. Two of our party ordered the steak Woronoff flambé with cognac, white wine and Dijon mustard. The fish flambé with vodka was smothered with fresh tomato, olives and capers. We were surprised when they appeared already cooked from the kitchen. The steaks were very tender and cooked to order, and the fish was delicious, but we were let down that we hadn’t been told the truth about the Flambé situation. The corvina (sea bass) was cooked to perfection, moist and flaky, but the ravioli stuffed with cas pesto was very strange and didn’t have the fruit’s typically tangy flavor.The paella was disappointing and bland, requiring hot pepper sauce to cheer it up. The Corderito Borracho (drunken lamb) must have been too inebriated to make it to the kitchen. A shredded dollop of mystery meat that didn’t taste the slightest bit like lamb was enjoyed by the diners’ dog, although he couldn’t face the heap of mashed green plantains that the drunken whatever-it-was sat on. The rosemary potatoes were the only tasty item in this pricy disaster.The coffee, chocolate mousse and cheesecake were very good, but trying to pay the bill at the cash register was interminable. Maybe  we should have asked for separate checks?Prices including tax: range from ₡3,900-7,800 ($8-16) for starters and ₡10,000-14,800 ($20-30) for main courses. Facebook Comments No related posts.last_img read more