Play this Marvel vs Capcom Origins for Xbox Live Arcade

first_imgFor video game and comic book geeks, pitting characters from the Marvel universe and the Capcom universe against one another is almost a right of passage. Until you’ve had that argument about Iron Man losing to Megaman or whether or not the Hulk would split Morrigan in half with a well placed kick, you aren’t part of the club.The appeal behind the Marvel vs Capcom franchise is that you can settle these disputes once and for all, without having to worry about pesky things like physics or canon. Marvel vs Capcom Origins is a trip back into the the early days of the series on Xbox Live Arcade, with a modern twist.MvC Origins was clearly going for a complete throwback feel when they made the game. Instead of taking up your entire (widescreen) television the game is forced into an old school CRT monitor shape, complete with the occasional flickering and black lines in high action scenarios. The first few minutes of playing a game on a 42-inch LCD that is made to look like a 24-inch CRT are confusing, but eventually it’s strangely natural. The letterboxing on the sides of the display are filled with counters for various Xbox Live achievements, which also earn you in-game credit that unlocks costumes, characters, and cinematics.For a quick trip down memory lane, Marvel vs Capcom Origins is a lot of fun. The controls are mapped to take full advantage of the Xbox 360 controller, which made the game much more enjoyable to play overall. The game features a “training mode” to help you get used to the button layout and to try out the combo attacks for your character, and the story mode in which you fight your way to the top in whichever difficulty level you choose.Marvel vs Capcom Origins is available via Xbox Live and PSN for $14.99 or 1200 Microsoft Points.last_img read more