Famous BasketballPlaying Sea Otter Eddie Dies at Age 20

first_imgStay on target The internet has lost another cute starlet: Eddie, the famous basketball-playing sea otter from Portland, has died at at the age of 20.On Thursday, the Oregon Zoo announced Eddie’s passing in a press release, and said he was humanely euthanized following a decline in health due to old age. At 20, Eddie was considered one of the oldest sea otters in the world.In loving memory of Eddie.At nearly 21, he was one of the oldest and most-loved sea otters on the planet. pic.twitter.com/mteRMVlmNF— Oregon Zoo (@OregonZoo) December 20, 2018“He was quite feisty as a young otter, and we still saw that spirit come through during his later years. He ot along great with our two younger otters, Juno and Lincoln, and was often observed wrestling and playing with them,” Amy Cuttling, who oversees the zoo’s marine life area, said in the press release. “But, he was the elder statesman of the group, and they learned to leave him alone when he wanted to rest.”About six years ago, Oregon Zoo keepers began training Eddie to dunk a toy basketball during physical therapy. In 2013, video footage of his behind-the-scenes fitness routine went viral on the internet, generating more than 1.7 million views on Oregon Zoo’s YouTube channel.To celebrate his 20th birthday, Portland Trail Blazers mascot, Blaze, sent a gift basket with enrichment toys to Eddie’s keepers and placed a Blazers logo on the backboard of his training hoop. Eddie’s behind-the-scenes exercise area, a small pool that was connected to the zoo’s Steller Cove habitat, was transformed into an adorable, marine-friendly basketball court.“We’ll never forget our friend Eddie, a true ambassador for otters and the game of basketball,” the Trail Blazers team wrote on their Twitter account. “Thanks to the Oregon Zoo for bringing him into our lives.”More on Geek.com:Ripped Kangaroo and Internet Star, Roger, Dies at Age 12Newly Discovered Blind, Burrowing Amphibian Named After Donald TrumpUnique Red Wolf DNA Found in Texas Canines Watch: Dolphin Leaps Feet Away From Unsuspecting SurferNASA Says 2 Asteroids Will Safely Fly By Earth This Weekend last_img read more

Watch Adorable Polar Bear Cub Takes First Steps at Berlin Zoo

first_img Watch: Dolphin Leaps Feet Away From Unsuspecting SurferWatch: Deep-Sea Octopus ‘Billows Like a Circus Tent’ Stay on target The Berlin Tierpark zoo just debuted its new polar bear cub, a three-month-old cutie who might become Germany’s next fur baby starlet.On Friday, the unnamed cub, which was born at the zoo on Dec. 1, was allowed to leave her indoor cage for the first time, Associated Press reported. The cub enjoyed playing with her mom, Tonja, and swimming in a small pond. According to the zoo, the cub is “developing well,” and now, zoo visitors will be able to see her on a daily basis.Kleiner #Eisbär on Tour: Eisbärin Tonja unternahm heute zusammen mit ihrem #Nachwuchs den ersten großen Ausflug auf die Außenanlage. Es wurde neugierig alles erkundet, viel geschwommen und liebevoll gekuschelt! Ab Samstag können Besucher die Beiden im #TierparkBerlin sehen. pic.twitter.com/fEmMcvEHQE— Zoo Tierpark Berlin (@zooberlin) March 15, 2019In January, the zoo announced the birth of the adorable cub and captured a video of it opening its eyes for the first time, which went viral on social media. The cub, which was born blind and deaf, wasn’t able to see or hear for about a month.Und ab geht es ins #Wasser. Die gerade einmal 3,5 Monate junge #Eisbärin fühlt sich pudelwohl. #Mama Tonja lässt ihr Kleines dabei natürlich nicht aus den Augen. #TierparkBerlin #Berlin #Eisbären pic.twitter.com/FSA4OvvPr1— Zoo Tierpark Berlin (@zooberlin) March 15, 2019Tonja, the cub’s mamma, has enjoyed taking care of her baby, and now, due to the warmer weather, they’ll be spending much more time together.For more updates on Tonja and her cute cub, follow the Berlin Tierpark zoo on Twitter.More on Geek.com:Watch: Cute Polar Bear Cub Opens Its Eyes for the First TimeHow Wild Apes React to Camera Traps Left by ScientistsNew, Clone-Like Spiders Found in Colombia Named After ‘Star Wars’ Stormtrooperslast_img read more