Miley Cyrus Settles US $300 Million Lawsuit With Jamaican Entertainer, Flourgon

first_imgKINGSTON, Jamaica – American pop artist and former Disney star, Miley Cyrus made the decision to settle a US $300 million copyright infringement lawsuit with Jamaican entertainer, Flourgon.In the lawsuit by the Jamaican songwriter, he accused the pop star of stealing lyrics in her 2013 smash “We Can’t Stop” from a similar song he recorded over 20 years ago.Michael May, who performs as Flourgon, sued Cyrus in March 2018, claiming that “We Can’t Stop” closely resembled his 1988 reggae hit “We Run Things”.May accused Cyrus and her label RCA Records, owned by Sony Corp, of misappropriating material including the phrase “We run things. Things no run we,” which she sang as “We run things. Things don’t run we.”According to Reuters News Agency, May, Cyrus, Sony and other defendants filed a joint stipulation in Manhattan federal court on Friday ending the lawsuit with prejudice, meaning it cannot be filed again.Cyrus’ lawyers said in a Dec. 12 letter that a settlement agreement had been signed, and that the stipulation would be filed “pending payment of the settlement proceeds,” which were not specified.Flourgon’s legal team, headed by Jamaican-American Irwine Clare, declined to state the exact sum of the award, but acknowledged that the judge, in an earlier hearing, had reduced expectations of a $300 million payout.Clare said that the settlement is a win for Jamaican entertainers, whose music is often sampled by international musicians without the appropriate credit given. “It’s a good thing for Jamaican artists who have long been abused of their intellectual property rights, and this verdict demonstrates that when there is effective support and the expertise assembled, good can happen.”He urged Jamaican artists to up their level of professionalism and take the necessary steps to protect their work, as the international world of entertainment is constantly listening for inspiration.last_img read more

Random Waters: Dance in the Fountain at Heritage Park

first_imgFacebook101Tweet0Pin0Submitted by Random Acts of Dance CollectiveRADCO (Random Acts of Dance Collective) is proud to present our first performance in the Fountain at Heritage Park in Olympia, Washington, called Random Waters: Dances in the Fountain on Saturday, July 29, 2017 at 5:30 pm. The performance is free and we invite all to come and enjoy.Random Waters photo shoot with Dena, Mary, Sally and Rachel. Photo courtesy: Random Acts of Dance CollectiveRADCO is a local dance troupe whose mission is to collaborate with our community to celebrate dance and movement.  Through workshops and eclectic performances we educate, entertain, expand perceptions, and explore limits. RADCO, founded in 1999, is an eclectic and ever-morphing group dedicated to creating dances generally within the genre of modern/contemporary dance. Our dances range anywhere along the spectrum from completely improvised to choreographed and rehearsed, from very serious to insanely silly. RADCO is open to dancers at all levels and encourages and supports new choreographers. RADCO members range in age and experience from decades to novice. Our group is a state non-profit organization, working towards federal non-profit status.  We are not affiliated with any school or business, but participants share the joy of dance, and we often collaborate with and involve the community in that joy as performance opportunities arise.“Random Waters:  Dance in the Fountain” embodies our mission in our diverse modern and contemporary dance styles. One of our founders, Susan Gresia, was recently interviewed by Oly Arts.  Susan says: “I always wanted to do a piece outdoors, an environmental piece, so I’ve been really excited about this performance. Since this fountain was built, it’s been a great place for people to congregate and for kids to play. The dynamics of water, the shooting jets, the sound, the location — It all makes it a joyous place to be.”The Random Waters performance will take place in the center of Heritage Park Fountain and will include community collaboration and the use of costumes and props including flippers, snorkels and umbrellas.“We’re hoping to have structured improv in the piece if the audience is willing,” continued Gresia. “I’m also hoping to have live music so anyone in the community can dance to live drums.”RADCO envisions a world in which dance and movement inspire people to connect, be courageous, and create. Over the years, RADCO has danced in many venues in the Olympia area.  We have put on performances at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts during Arts Walk.  We have also performed in the Olympia Dance Festival, sponsored by Johansen Olympia Dance Center.  We regularly perform at the Illuminated Ball in support of Earthbound Production’s Procession of the Species. On October 6, we will once again be on the Washington Center main stage during Arts Walk dancing to live music performed by The Gravity Quartet.  We love performing in this community.  It has shown us so much support over the years.  We look forward to many more years of bringing eclectic dance to our community.last_img read more