IBMs Watson AI creates a movie trailer for scifi thriller Morgan

first_imgFox is releasing a new sci-fi thriller called Morgan today (September 2nd), and the filmmakers reached out to IBM with an interesting proposition. They wondered if it would be possible for IBM’s Watson AI to create a trailer for the film. There’s only one way to find out, so IBM turned Watson loose on the movie. Yes, Watson made a trailer, but I don’t actually think it’s a particularly good one.Morgan tells the story of a secret experiment fusing biological and synthetic components to create new kind of humanoid being. The child in question (Morgan) shows some tremendous abilities, but also troubling violent outbursts. Here’s the trailer created by Watson.The explanation of the process after the trailer talks about how Watson detected important scenes in the film. It watched for changes in setting and emotional tone, then arranged them in a trailer. A human editor was needed for the finer details, though.The way scenes were selected is reflected in the Watson trailer — it’s heavy on action, fast cuts, and scenes where the actors are displaying a lot of emotion. However, do you feel like you have a high-level understanding of the movie after that trailer?Here’s the official trailer assembled entirely by humans.It’s hard to deny that the regular trailer gets the premise of the film across better. Watson seems to miss out on exposition that’s necessary when you only have a minute to explain the gist of a two-hour movie. It’s impressive that an AI was able to come up with something coherent, but Watson might need some adjustment before it slaps together more trailers.last_img read more