Parents: 6-year-old thrown out of bus window by bully

first_imgThe parents of a 6-year-old boy says they are relocating their family after one of their sons was thrown out of a moving school bus by a bully.The incident occurred in Baltimore County earlier this month.First grader, Jacion Kight told police that an older student who bullies others called him to the back of the bus. When Jacion arrived to the back of the bus, the other student pressed the emergency button on the bus to open a window and threw him out of it.“He dumped me out the window, and I landed on the street,” Jacion told Project Baltimore. “No car didn’t run me over.”Jacion was knocked unconscious and rushed to the hospital.“I’m scared to death. I show up, and he’s already in the back of the ambulance,” Jacion’s father, Brian Kight said. “And I didn’t even get to talk to nobody because the ambulance was in a very big rush to pull off. So, I jumped in the ambulance. I was thinking I might be losing my child. And it was terrifying.”Jacion suffered “frontal skull fractures with small head bleed,” and was hospitalized for three days in addition to being placed on anti-seizure medication.Kight told reporters that this was not the first incident where his children have been bullied by older students on the bus but he has had enough. He detailed that months prior, his children came running home scared after an incident that occurred with the bullies.“Because of this. My children actually approached me and said that, ‘We are scared to go back to that school. Do we have to go?’ And I’m a parent. I love my children,” Kight said. “And with them saying that and the look on their faces, I can’t send them back there. I can’t.The father says has since quit his job and pulled his six children out of school in preparation to move due to the incident.Kight also hired a lawyer with the possibility of suing the school for not stepping in.“As a parent, I’m angry Because as parents we send our children to school to learn and to be safe,” Attorney Ivan Bates told Project Baltimore. “My first instinct was to make sure he was okay. Once he was okay, and once we talked a little bit more, I knew he needed help, and then I knew I was going to take the case.”Baltimore County Public Schools reported that they were notified about the incident the day that it happened, however, the do not have any further comments.last_img read more